An Orthodox fashion designer debuts a collection of colorful scarves at NY Fashion Week

(New York Jewish Week) — When Elke Reva Sudin got married 16 years ago, she was a 20-year-old art school student at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She wanted to figure out a way to cover her hair — a traditional practice among Orthodox Jewish women — while still being true to herself.

So instead of wearing a wig, which some women choose to do, Sudin opted for headscarves. This enabled her to wear colorful, artistic styles, which made her feel that she wasn’t hiding her personality — instead, she felt like she was adorning herself with something special.

“The decision to not wear a wig was part of being authentic to my identity as an artist — I didn’t want to hide something that I was doing,” Sudin, 36, told the New York Jewish Week. 

Now a mother of two and a full-time artist in Brooklyn, Sudin

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