Notable Women Jewelry Designers Who Launched At Paris Fashion Week

I’m celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 by recognizing some female designers who launched at jewelry shows that took place during Paris Fashion Week.

Designed in London and handcrafted in Europe, Anoona Jewels debuted in the Nouvelle Box showroom during Autumn/Winter Paris Fashion Week 2024. Inspired by the moon’s eternal presence, Anoona designs also draw their substance and style from the mysterious power of lunar cycles over earth’s tides and human biology. From antiquity through today, the moon has served as a constant and compelling motif in jewelry history. Given the moon’s poetic power and because of the sheer beauty of its designs, Anoona Jewels embody an elemental, universal appeal emanating from their ruling motif and energy source, the moon.

As Anoona’s Creative Director Sadhbh Roux-Fouillet notes on the

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