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Can Fashion Designers Be Successful Without Going Viral?

When fashion’s front row hurled rubbish at AVAVAV’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway in Milan, iPhone-gripping attendees knew they had captured viral gold. That same week, SUNNEI’s models divulged their candid mid-walk thoughts to form the show’s soundtrack: “The blonde in the second row, she thinks her review will change the world,” one said over the speakers. “I can’t wait to eat pasta,” another thought. In London, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy revealed life-like banana boots, which catalyzed chuckles across TikTok. And after Beyoncé made a last-minute trek to Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood for Luar, The New York Times wrote that designer Raul Lopez had won “the attention lottery.”

Virality appears to be a prerequisite for industry success in 2024; without it, many labels, especially those emerging, find themselves trailing behind a drawn-out list of triumphant designers with digital buzz.

Must designers strive to break the Internet, or can they find the same success

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Lucien Pellat-Finet, Fashion’s ‘King of Cashmere,’ Dies at 78

Lucien Pellat-Finet, the French fashion designer whose brash, irreverent and unapologetically expensive sweaters earned him the nickname King of Cashmere, died on Feb. 26 in Trancoso, Brazil, where he had owned a home for more two decades. He was 78.

A niece, Camille Dauchez, said that Mr. Pellat-Finet (pronounced pell-ah fee-NAY), who had Parkinson’s disease, died in a swimming accident.

The sweaters in Mr. Pellat-Finet’s collection, which was introduced in 1994, combined two seemingly disparate elements: extremely high-quality cashmere and provocative symbols like marijuana leaves, peace signs and, most frequently, skulls, all of which were occasionally embellished with crystals. Sometimes, skulls were additionally tweaked with details like a stuck-out tongue, aviator sunglasses or a tilted sailor’s hat.

They came in neutral colors like black and navy as well as vivid shades of orange, pink, green and camouflage prints. Instead of a traditional sweater’s somewhat boxy cut and ribbed cuffs at

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Fashion Designers Are Teaming Up With Watch Companies

Fashion designers have spent the last few weeks presenting their new collections, focused on styles for fall. But many also have been introducing new looks for some of the most recognizable names in watchmaking.

On Feb. 2, a week before the start of New York Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham gathered the likes of Helena Christensen, Derek Blasberg and Katie Holmes at the stylish Indochine restaurant in Manhattan to celebrate her new venture: a series of watches for Breitling.

In late January, during Couture Week in Paris, the models walking for Tamara Ralph wore the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillon “Tamara Ralph” Limited Edition, which the Australian designer had created for the brand. And Yiqing Yin, another couturier in Paris, has had a partnership with Vacheron Constantin since 2019.

But why are watchmakers teaming up with female designers?

“Women’s importance in the watch market is only increasing,” said Georges

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Local, national brands reveal special collabs

National and local brands have rolled out new collaborations celebrating the fusion of basketball and Indianapolis in honor of the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend.

More:Hoosiers may be humble, but All-Star artists make sure Indiana’s stories get their due

From hats to handbags, these business partnerships showcase all the ways the NBA festivities can be paired with celebrity, fashion, food and entertainment. If you’re lucky, you can snag an accessory or join these experiences at pop-ups around downtown.

Check out these collabs.

Lids and St. Elmo’s Steak House

Lids, an apparel retailer, is partnering with Indianapolis iconic restaurant St. Elmo’s Steak House to offer limited edition hats and outerwear that celebrate Indiana’s love affair with basketball.

Some of the headwear in the collection, which you can get in either black or white, feature the St. Elmo’s Steak House logo. Other St. Elmo/Lids branded headwear sport the restaurant’s name, spelled in

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How Companies Use AI to Predict Fashion Trends

  • Artificial intelligence is helping fashion brands understand consumer behaviors and demands.
  • The startups Spate and Fashable use AI insights to identify style trends for clients.
  • Fashable’s cofounder told BI he envisions brands and customers using AI to cocreate in the future.
  • This article is part of “Build IT,” a series about digital tech and innovation trends that are disrupting industries.

Artificial intelligence looks poised to change fashion at blistering speed. A 2023 report from the management consultant McKinsey & Company estimated that generative AI could add up to $275 billion to the industry’s operating profits over the next three to five years.

Industry leaders seem similarly optimistic. The Business of Fashion and McKinsey said that in a survey they conducted, about 73% of fashion executives said they planned to prioritize

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How Our Legacy Became the Biggest Little Fashion Brand in the World

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The creative director is asleep on the couch. His vintage Margiela boots are on the floor beside him. It’s not yet noon but it’s already been a big day for Cristopher Nying. And an even bigger week. This whole year, in fact, and the couple preceding it, have been quite big for Nying and his partners at Our Legacy.

It’s November in Stockholm. The sun sets around 3 p.m. and the clouds hang low and dense, like a thick layer of wool. The nights are long. Last night especially. It started with a party at the Our Legacy Work Shop store—one of two boutiques the company operates in Stockholm—to celebrate the brand’s latest blockbuster collaboration, with Emporio Armani. Nying

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The A to Z Guide to Black Designers on SSENSE

The A to Z Guide to Black Designers on SSENSE

Black designers are the past, present, and future, often unseen in the credit they rightfully deserve. We’re here to give credit where it’s due, highlighting an array of Black designers deserving recognition for their contributions to the fashion industry. Many of these designers know the difficulty of wearing multiple Hats—carrying a heavy load of responsibilities on their backs. These creative forces, from all over the world, embody the essence of hard work paying off, transitioning from the classrooms to the runways, and rising to the top of the fashion industry. 

From emerging to established brands, these are names you should know. In honor of Black History Month and the spirit of Black innovation, we’re spotlighting every brand that’s Black-owned or helmed by a Black designer available on SSENSE. These designers are the cultural architects of our generation, spanning minimal aesthetics, luxury streetwear, avant-garde designs, and trendsetting creations. Tap

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