Christie Brinkley, 68, Is Glowing in a New Makeup-Free, Post-Shower Instagram

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Christie Brinkley is always hopping on Instagram to spill her beauty secrets, and in her latest video, the former supermodel shared her morning routine—fresh out of the shower and makeup-free.

The 68-year-old admittedly never thought she’d get so intimate with her 795,000 followers. “I don’t know how they talked me into doing this,” she joked, wearing a towel, her hair wrapped in another. “But, here I am, without any of the magic.” (We don’t know what she’s talking about—her natural glow is the magic!)

Then, she proceeded to share her post-shower skincare: the SBLA Facial Instant Sculpting Wand and the Neck, Chin, and Jawline Wand. (Brinkley is an ambassador with the brand.)

“As you can see, I have a lot of sun damage. I love the great outdoors,” she began, applying the facial wand below her eyes, around her chin, and onto her forehead. According to the brand’s site, the product contains hyaluronic acid and a powerful peptide blend that aims to fade dark spots, diminish fine lines and even skin tone.

“I grew up a surfer girl in Malibu,” Brinkley continued. “And from there, I became a model, and I was on every other beach in the world posing in a bathing suit with the instruction of, ‘Go get a tan.’ So, [this is] necessary.”

Then, she went on to use the Neck, Chin, and Jawline Wand, which she also called “necessary.” Like the facial wand, it contains “powerful peptides,” Brinkley said. Both steps were finished in a flash. “Now, I’m ready to put on my sunblock and my foundation,” she said. “Make it a great day!”

As always, her followers loved the tips — and they especially adored Brinkley’s natural glow. “Absolutely beautiful without a stitch of makeup🤍,” one person commented. “Most gorgeous skin in the galaxy!” another added. “You are gloriously beautiful even with completely bare skin! Makeup optional skin is the goal and you are there,” someone else wrote.

Others shared their own SBLA testimonies. “@sblabeauty wands have the magic touch- I’ve seen incredible results using these amazing products! Currently loving the eye wand! 👏” one fan commented.

You can shop the rest of her beauty favorites below.

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