Fans React To Cardi B’s Make-Up Free Look

Cardi B is flaunting her natural beauty!

The rapper, who has been sharing updates on her hair since August 11, has returned with an up-close view of her bare face. The update immediately earned her some points from her millions of fans, who could not believe how gorgeous she looked.

Cardi B Resembles Second Son, Wave, In New Photos Posted On Social Media

Cardi B at Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collection Launch Party

Cardi B has been reminding fans of the pros of taking care of their natural hair for a few days. The “Bodak Yellow” took a break from educating fans when she posted two new photos of herself in a white outfit on Twitter. The mother-of-two appeared flawless as she flaunted her face without false lashes, drawn-on brows, and makeup. Cardi left her long tresses flowing down her body with a pair of glasses on her head.

While she tilted her head and smiled in the first image, she had a more serious look in the second. The reason for the seriousness could be traced to her caption, where she claimed that even though she was smiling, “deep down inside I want my wig and my lashes [palm tree emoji].

Fans swarmed to the hitmaker’s replies to comment on her gorgeous natural look. One Twitter user wrote, “natural, healthy queen we love to see you smiling and shining [love face emoji],” and a Cardi support page added, “Love how confident she is to not only post pictures with no filter or makeup, but unphotoshopped.”

A third commenter noted that the “I Like It” rapper resembled her 11-month-old son, Wave Set Cepheus, in the pictures. Yet another fan pointed out that Cardi looked like a “cute innocent church girl without your wig, lashes and make up lol,” and a fifth acknowledged that she looked “prettier this way.”

That sentiment was shared by another Twitter user who claimed that they preferred the rapper without makeup. One fan took things further when he wrote, “Cardi B is perhaps one of the true beauties in the music world. It’s so natural and I think her beauty is really underrated. She’s easily a 9 face wise. Perfect features and structures. Total Pageant standard.”

While fans compliment the New York City native’s photos, others are still reeling from the hair tip she recently shared. The 29-year-old revealed that her hair received its “shine” from the boiled onion water she used to wash her hair. Although the tip got a mixed reaction from her fans, several people promised to try it at least once before making their decision.

The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Alum Lost A Loved One In A Car Accident

Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Cardi was mourning the loss of a loved one whose life was tragically taken in a ghastly car crash. The two-car collision occurred in the Inwood area of Manhattan, resulting in the death of two people and injuring many. The cars — a BMW and a Subaru Forester SUV — were headed in opposite directions before they collided at an intersection at West 207th Street around 4 am.

The collision’s impact propelled the Subaru to crash into two empty vehicles parked on the road before hitting two men on the sidewalk. The late victims, both friends, were identified as 31-year-old Joel Adames and 40-year-old David Fernandez.  Adames — Cardi’s relation — was taken to the Allen Pavilion Hospital, where he was declared dead. The late food delivery driver had just gotten a haircut from his friend Fernandez before the tragic incident occurred. 

Until his death, Adames was well-loved in his community and looked forward to celebrating his daughter’s second birthday. As for Fernandez, he was known for his love of dancing, earning him the nickname “David La Salsa.” Sherman Avenue, where the incident happened, is infamous for having the most traffic deaths compared to any other street in the neighborhood. One of the cars involved in the accident reportedly sped through a red light at the intersection, resulting in the tragedy. 

Cardi shared the news of Adames’s passing in a since-expired Instagram Story with a screenshot of ABC7NY’s event report. The “Please Me” hitmaker wrote, “stupidness, negligence. I hope the worst to who commute this! Took someone sooo loved, full of life and just all around amazing, leaving people destroy [sic]…RIP JOEL!

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