Fashion to Empower: 12 Women’s Designers on the Most Meaningful Pieces They Own

A business loafer (that works for a weekend coffee run) in suede. Jamie Haller started her brand during the beginning months of the pandemic in 2020. She’s built it into a cult brand from her garage. I’m one of her biggest fans.

Rosh Mahtani, founder and creative director of Alighieri 

Photo Courtesy of Rosh Mahtani

Photo: Courtesy of Rosh Mahtani

 I’ve been living in these Toteme loafers. I’m a true minimalist when it comes to my wardrobe, I love having an easy uniform of high-waisted cigarette trousers, an oversized jumper and layers of jewellery. I’d been searching for the perfect loafer for a while, and I definitely met the match with these Toteme pairs.

I recently stumbled upon the brand, Cou Cou, and absolutely love wearing their vest tops tucked into suit trousers or under dungarees. The cotton is so nostalgic of childhood, and it always feels like a good day when I know I’m wearing their underwear!

Since creating it last year, Alighieri’s Link of Wanderlust Choker is always around my neck; I love the textured motif on the black cord. It’s a symbol of my relationship with my father, and our shared love of photography.

toteme/shoes/mid-heel/plus-net-sustain-the-block-heel-croc-effect-leather-pumps/1647597320496570?","contentType":"product","productId":"65ca36defd38a29b96722e4f","productOfferVariation":"PriceOutsideCenter","showOfferUrl":false,"showPriceOnButton":true,"showAffiliateDisclaimerOnFirstProduct":false,"dangerousCredit":null,"showLocalisedOffers":true,"isUpcEnabled":true,"index":11,"hasAffiliateLinkDisabled":false,"id":"65ca36defd38a29b96722e4f","brand":{"name":"Toteme"},"offers":[{"offerUrl":"","price":"$680","currency":"USD","purchaseUri":"","sellerName":"NET-A-PORTER","countryCode":"US","reducedPrice":""},{"offerUrl":"","price":"$680","currency":"USD","purchaseUri":"","sellerName":"BERGDORF GOODMAN","countryCode":"US","reducedPrice":""}],"layout":"ProductEmbed"}”>


Block Heel croc-effect leather pumps

Cou Cou

set of two cropped T-shirts


Link of Wanderlust necklace

Noura Sakkhija, CEO and co-founder of Mejuri

Photo Courtesy of Noura Sakkhija

Photo: Courtesy of Noura Sakkhija

Diane Von Furstenburg is an icon for so many reasons; not only does she design with the women’s body in mind, but she is a true champion of female leaders. I just wore this dress to an event we had in London to celebrate our expansion there, and it felt very elevated yet minimal. I’ll also be speaking with Diane at an upcoming event for the Wie Suite in honor of International Women’s Day, and I am so looking forward to meeting her.

There is nothing more powerful, luxurious, and timeless than a cream coat. This particular one from Tove Studio transcends seasons too, which is helpful when you live in Canada. I really admire co-founders Camille Perry and Holly Wright who design for modern women and their busy lives. Their pieces are refined, classic, and most importantly, sustainably crafted.

My team knows I love coming to the office as of late in a skirt, and this Toteme one is a favorite of mine—it offers so much versatility to be dressed up or down, and provides a classic yet playful feel. We share a very key brand value with Toteme—creating luxury, high quality pieces at a more accessible price point.

Diane von Furstenberg

Corinne printed mesh midi dress

Jenni Lee, creative director and founder Comme Si

Photo Courtesy of Jenni Lee

Photo: Courtesy of Jenni Lee

I wear this pearl necklace most days because it is classic but has a little flair with the different sized pearls, which makes it easy to layer with other necklaces. I love the color and texture of pearls but a standard pearl necklace can feel a little dated and proper for everyday wear. This piece of jewelry is sentimental to me because it was a “push present” from my husband when we had our son.

These are what I call a “power pant.” Alissa from High Sport is a friend and I love how she designed the perfect pants for working moms. They are tailored without being too formal, the material stretches, it doesn’t wrinkle, and they come in gorgeous colors. What more can you ask for?

Sophie Bille Brahe

Peggy petite single-strand pearl necklace

high-sport/clothing/flared/kick-cropped-checked-stretch-knit-flared-pants/1647597326122816","contentType":"product","productId":"65ca36df15bbf1b07aa4d739","productOfferVariation":"PriceOutsideCenter","showOfferUrl":false,"showPriceOnButton":true,"showAffiliateDisclaimerOnFirstProduct":false,"dangerousCredit":null,"showLocalisedOffers":true,"isUpcEnabled":true,"index":16,"hasAffiliateLinkDisabled":false,"id":"65ca36df15bbf1b07aa4d739","brand":{"name":"High Sport"},"offers":[{"offerUrl":"","price":"$860","currency":"USD","purchaseUri":"","sellerName":"NET-A-PORTER","countryCode":"US","reducedPrice":""}],"layout":"ProductEmbed"}”>

High Sport

Kick cropped flared pants

Talia Loubaton, founder and designer of Liberowe

I recently purchased these mules from Le Monde Beryl as I have a special love for velvet. I love that the heel is so tiny. It has a ladylike feel, in a good way. 

The boots from Khaite were an impulsive buy. I have always loved a pair of knee-high boots, and the patent leather was the cherry on top.

I love this ring and the designer Kelia Toledano is my friend—it goes with everything. It’s a classic and a strong statement at the same time.

high boots","embedSize":null,"isFirstProduct":false,"isSponsored":false,"offerRetailer":"NET-A-PORTER","offerUrl":"","contentType":"product","productId":"65ca36e3fd38a29b96722e52","productOfferVariation":"PriceOutsideCenter","showOfferUrl":false,"showPriceOnButton":true,"showAffiliateDisclaimerOnFirstProduct":false,"dangerousCredit":null,"showLocalisedOffers":true,"isUpcEnabled":true,"index":25,"hasAffiliateLinkDisabled":false,"id":"65ca36e3fd38a29b96722e52","brand":{"name":"Khaite"},"offers":[{"offerUrl":"","price":"$1,380","currency":"USD","purchaseUri":"","sellerName":"NET-A-PORTER","countryCode":"US","reducedPrice":""}],"layout":"ProductEmbed"}”>


Davis croc-effect knee-high boots

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