Has the 2023 Met Gala Theme Actually Been Leaked Online?


WHEN THE 2022 MET GALA theme, Gilded Glamour, was announced, pretty much everyone was left scratching their heads.

With the concept so convoluted it sparked chains of social media debates of users debating what it actually constituted, it was understandable that a host of celebrity guests missed the mark (according to much of the internet, anyway) when it came to their outfits.

Accordingly, it’s been suggested the MET committee have regrouped entirely when it comes to the coveted event’s 2023 theme, opting for a decidedly more simple concept.

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Blake Lively may have earned approval for being on-theme, but she was one of few | GETTY
Bella Hadid in Burberry | GETTY

Following the digital backlash from this year’s gala, one self-dubbed “depressed gay intern” has fired back against the committee and leaked the 2023 Met Gala theme.

Expressing their resentment in a tip-off penned to the real-life Gossip Girl Deux Moi, the anonymous intern wrote, “I work at the HQ for one of the designers who misunderstood the [2022] MET Gala assignment and we just got scolded!!!!!”

“For the first time since ’83 designers will now need their outfits pre-approved, regardless of who the clothes hanger walking the red carpet will be,” they added.

“Side note: Next year’s theme is rumoured to be space-themed and we might have to genuinely dress Elon f**king Musk.”

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As many things do, the rumour rapidly picked up traction over on TikTok. And, given that Instagram has staked its claim as the most popular news source among young people today — with TikTok not far behind it, as per The BBC — it is of little surprise that the rumour has gained mass attention, with little-to-no evidence to help decipher the depth of it’s legitimacy.

Regardless of whether the gossip is little more than a falsified claim (anyone can submit to Deux Moi, remember), or if we will actually see the likes of Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet waltzing up the Met steps in Supré-esque galaxy print — TikTok have taken the rumour and run with it.

What has emerged is a divine collection of digital stylists sharing their takes on how celebrities should dress, or, going one step further and designing looks themselves.

If the claims happen to have weight to them, guests will be spoiled for choice. In the last year alone, Gucci released an astrological Cruise show, Gucci Cosmogonie, Schiaparelli debuted ‘Planet Schiaparelli’ at spring/summer couture week, followed by Charles de Vilmorin and Iris Van Herpen’s respective Alienic collections on the autumn/winter couture roster.


For now, there has been no official word as to the 2023 Met Gala theme, but watch this space for updates.

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