I’m a makeup artist – the truth about Kylie Jenner & Kardashian sisters’ ‘makeup free’ pics exposed

THE Kardashian’s glam looks, transformations and beauty products are a massive part of their business empire, as much as their fans hang off their every word.

But away from the contouring, lip gloss and bronzing, it’s the Kardashian-Jenners’ no-makeup and natural photos splashed across social media that get everyone asking the same question.

Kylie Jenner shares a photo on her Instagram feed of her less makeup look


Kylie Jenner shares a photo on her Instagram feed of her less makeup lookCredit: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner out in Los Angeles makeup free in 2020


Kylie Jenner out in Los Angeles makeup free in 2020


Recently, Kylie shared a video on Instagram revealing a “less makeup” look, whilst adding that she didn’t need much of it.

In the video her makeup artist, Tejeda said: “I barely did anything,” before Kylie replied: “Yeah, and it’s really, really f—king pretty. Cause I don’t need much, Ari.”

When he replied: “‘Cause you’re naturally gorgeous,” and with that, Kylie agreed.

The reality star is said to be the makeup boss in her family, has released her own beauty and cosmetic lines, and is famed for using lashings of it, whilst experimenting as well.

But today, for the first time, Hollywood’s no-makeup guru, Sebastien Tardif, from Veil Cosmetics expertly unpacks the Kardashian’s no-makeup photos.

He also uncovers any falsies that any of them could’ve snuck in whilst answering that million dollar question – is this all as it seems?

Kylie Jenner says she’s ‘naturally’ gorgeous in a photo she posts on her Instagram feed


Kylie Jenner says she’s ‘naturally’ gorgeous in a photo she posts on her Instagram feedCredit: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner

“This is 45 minutes to an hour long makeup when done professionally, and Kylie’s wearing less makeup than usual, but this is far from being a no-makeup makeup look, ” reveals Sebastien of Kylie’s latest pic.

“I’d call this a nude makeup because she’s using more nude/earthy tones.

“A no-makeup makeup is about being able to assess the skin tone and someone’s features, enhancing them while being fairly unnoticeable and the makeup isn’t grabbing the attention.

“The person is the spotlight, not the makeup.”

“Kylie’s wearing foundation and concealer topped up with finishing powder for a very matte finish, as well as bronzer all around her outer face/forehead, contour under the cheek bone and temples, and blush higher up on the cheek, ” says Sebastien.

“Her lips are heavily lined with a chocolate milk brown lip liner, over-drawing her lips above and under her actual lip line for a fuller, lip-filler look topped up with a brown-pink matte lip color that could also be a lip liner smudged all over and her eyebrows are filled in with what seems like powder pigment.

“I can also see brown eyeshadow blended from lash line to crease and also blended up towards to meet her eyebrows in the more inner part of her eyes and contour mixed in there that blends down from brows to side of the nose, and she’s wearing false eyelashes.

“A softly blended smoky grey/brown liner under her eyes sweeps from inner corner all the way out about an 1/8 of an inch thick and slight eyeliner smudged on top eye corners for a very subtle cat eye effect which meets with the lower lash softly smudged eyeliner.”

Kylie Kardashian showing her natural makeup application


Kylie Kardashian showing her natural makeup applicationCredit: TikTok/kyliejenner

“In this photo, Kylie’s end result is more low-key than her usual ultra- glam look for sure, but this isn’t a no-makeup makeup either, ” says Sebastien about the pic from Kylie’s makeup application video.

“Kylie loves contouring her face and applies a lot of product in the cheekbone/side contour area, which results in a more glam finish.

“I like that she’s conscious of the drying finish of powder based products and uses a cream blush to liven up the skin after using lots of powder based product.

“But up close, this risks causing cakeiness and makeup separation as cream on top of face powder/bronzer is difficult to achieve without streaking the beneath layers of powder makeup.

“I’d also not use a bronzer color in the contour area, as bronzers have warmer tones and contour colors are cooler tones with grey in them to give the effect of shade as opposed to warmth from the sun.”


Kim is known for putting contouring on the map and her fans have watched her look and makeup style transform through the years.

From heavy self-tanning in 2006 to today’s smoky eyes and trademark plump nude lips, she’s consistently mixing up her signature makeup styles.

Kim Kardashian shows off her face, supposedly without makeup


Kim Kardashian shows off her face, supposedly without makeupCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

“In this photo, Kim’s skin is definitely bare to allow a fresh skincare application,” says Sebastien about Kim’s pic on her Instagram feed.

“Her eyebrows are groomed with brow gel (clear and or colored to subtlety fill in gaps) or pomade, but she’s also wearing falsies and black/brown pencil eyeliner in the waterline of her eyes, which is what most celebs would do for an on-camera skin care demo to not look completely washed out.

“Here, Kim’s sporting a no-makeup makeup look with falsies on and has perfectly groomed eyebrows with brow gel or pomade with clean thin strokes of brow liner to mimic hair.

“Her skin has some sort of a powder foundation or matte finish medium to full coverage, but without the contour and blush gives a bare/natural effect.

“There’s definitely a pore filler type of primer or mattifying balm like Veil Cosmetics AutoMatte underneath Kim’s foundation to smooth out pores and skin texture.

“The only thing I would have done differently here would have been using a bit of under eye corrector like Veil Cosmetics Complexion Fix in 3P (peachy-pink tone) to neutralize a bit of the grey tone coming through under her concealer

“I’m also noticing a nude-ish lip pencil paler than her usual lip color to give that neutral soft pink shade.”


Kourtney on the other hand is known for opting for more natural, softer makeup applications and products, preferring to look effortlessly flawless with a touch of bronzer and mascara.

Kourtney Kardashian shares her makeup free look on Instagram


Kourtney Kardashian shares her makeup free look on InstagramCredit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian

“In this image, Kourtney appears to be wearing no makeup at all and because she’s the less glamorous of the family, I can see her totally going makeup free by the pool and take a selfie, ” says Sebastian about Kourtney’s natural-looking pic on her Instagram feed.

“This image literally is no makeup and she looks beautiful.”


Khloe is said to the highlighter queen and has said in the past that she loves doing makeup, whilst using contouring, pouty lips and her fluttery eyelashes.

Khloe Kardashian appears to be looking makeup free on TV


Khloe Kardashian appears to be looking makeup free on TVCredit: E!

“Here in this image, Khloe doesn’t appear to be wearing any foundation or concealer makeup, but I see a hint of lip liner and falsie or mascara on top lash line only,” says Sebastien about the pic of Khloe on her TV show.

“I also see a bit of a brown blush or bronzer on her cheeks.

“She could’ve benefitted from using AutoMatte mattifying balm to take down some excess shine and smooth out skin a bit.”


Mom, Kris Jenner has even released a beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics’ Kris Collection alongside her daughter.

The 66 year-old talent manager is said to like a flawless, natural makeup coverage on her skin and even supposedly went makeup free on the reality show to show off her nighttime beauty routine.

Kris Jenner looking makeup free on her reality TV show


Kris Jenner looking makeup free on her reality TV showCredit: Hulu

“In this clip, Kris succeeded in appearing fresh-faced for breakfast and it’s a lovely fresh out of bed no-makeup makeup in which there would be a tinted moisturizer used, some concealer matching her skin tone as opposed to a highlighter color that she usually wears to brighten up,” adds Sebastien about the pic of Kris on her reality show.

“I definitely see soft contouring as well, which gives a soft definition to her cheeks.

“The key here as I mentioned previously is that a cool grey brown was used for contouring, which successfully leaves the impression of an actual chiseled cheek bone caused by a shadow which is probably a sheer coat of brown mascara as well, top and bottom.”

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“Overall, the Kardashian’s makeup is always professionally done so they’re camera ready and very glammed up and have catapulted the transformative/”women drag” makeup and made it very popular,” explains Sebastien.

“Over the 25 years I’ve been a makeup artist, I’d never create a pancake like finish, but their style is too harsh and you can see all the makeup, lines and contour, when in reality, this is supposed to trick the eye to make us believe different features are occurring.”

Kim Kardashian shares a photo of her supposedly makeup free on her Instagram feed


Kim Kardashian shares a photo of her supposedly makeup free on her Instagram feedCredit: Instagram/@skkn
Kris Jenner shows off her skin on Instagram


Kris Jenner shows off her skin on InstagramCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian share a photo on Instagram looking natural


Kourtney Kardashian share a photo on Instagram looking naturalCredit: Instagram/ Kourtney Kardashian

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