Introducing The 70 Made In Italy Brands Showing At COTERIE This September

The Italian Trade Agency is busier than ever—and as positive as the day is long. As the driving force behind the brands synonymous with Italian style, the ITA has been spending summer managing multiple projects and initiatives and is now readying to bring 70 fashion labels to NYC for COTERIE. We stole a moment with Deputy Commissioner of Fashion & Beauty, Paola Guida, to hear more. 

How are you feeling ahead of another Fashion Month?
Since the Italian Trade Agency sponsors the best ‘Made in Italy’ brands across so many different categories of fashion and accessories, we have had an extremely busy summer and we are not letting up for fall. In September alone we will sponsor 70+ Italian womenswear designers at Coterie and launch a SS23 refresh of our free digital fashion platform, And later in the fall we have some exciting news to announce that will more formally extend our presence on both the East and West Coast!

What have been some other recent projects?
We have truly been nonstop since July as we are coming from sponsoring 45+ beauty companies at Cosmoprof North America and 35+ companies at the New York “Feel the Yarn” event, not to mention the 60+ of the best Italian menswear brands at the Chicago Collective show, and nine of the best Italian bridal brands at the National Bridal Market Chicago. But as always, Coterie is our largest physical sponsorship in the fashion capital of the US – September in NYC is always bursting with energy!

What is the anticipation like amongst the brands?
The brands are definitely excited—as are we. This season we have about a 50/50 split of existing favorites and newcomers. This will bring a lot of fresh excitement into the Italian Pavilion, and it will give a lot of incredible Italian brands the opportunity to enter the US market in a meaningful way, for the first time.

What’s something all the brands have in common?
“Made in Italy” is the thread that weaves through our curated list of brands and designers. But what’s important to remember there is that it is not only the production that is made in Italy—it is also the materials used. This means the finest textiles and leathers, which come before the finest craftsmanship in the world. The production techniques of both raw materials and finished products are a part of our heritage, and every one of our designers creates their collections with the same pride.

What is it about COTERIE that always draws brands back?
The energy of NYC is like nowhere else, and when the brands come to COTERIE they are able to truly feel a part of it. There’s no way to digitally replicate that. The city is still abuzz from Fashion Week and there’s an electric focus on looking ahead to the next season and everything that is to come.

What else is keeping brands excited about the US market and its opportunities?
There is a feeling that the world is finally able to come back together after a few logistically and emotionally difficult years. I think our brands are feeling a renewed sense of ambition—they’re ready to grow their presence in America, and they’re ready to share their gifts with the world.

Are there any new ways that the ITA is supporting Italian brands right now?
We are committing to supporting our Italian brands more deeply in the physical sense as in-person events come back to life. We will be announcing a host of new activations in the coming months, first starting with LA and more to come in 2023.

What are some positives that the ITA is experiencing in terms of Italy’s trade with America this year?
For the first half of the 2022 year, Italian exports in the fashion and accessories sector were up 19.6% over 2021, while the woman clothing is up an incredible 54.57% over the same period. We expect the remaining two quarters of this year to show continued growth. Italy is the fifth largest exporter in this category in the world which is very impressive for a country of its size.

What’s keeping everyone motivated?
We rejoice in the successes of our brands. We’ve seen our brands hosting runway shows, getting picked up by major department stores, and being featured by national press. Every individual win is important to the ‘Made in Italy’ cause. But mostly we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity this year to once again reunite with our brands and our retailer friends in person. It makes such a difference. This COTERIE we will unveil a new layout for Italian brands: they will be
exhibiting all in one group in the “Italian Pavilion” rather than spread across the show floor. Whatever buyers and retailers are looking for, from shoes to knitwear, from womenswear to accessories, it’s just one stop at the Italian Pavilion where they will find the best of Italian production!

Ready to wear


Since 1960, Mazzarelli has honed and perfected its tailoring excellence and sartorial charm to craft the finest mens shirts. Every single design combines generations-long skill and quality fabrics for timeless and elegant silhouettes.

(Agent: Monica Mazzarelli. Booth: 5837)

Queen Moda

From the coast of Positano, Queen Moda’s has always stayed true to its sun-kissed heritage, featuring luxury beachwear that will instantly transport you to a tropical paradise or, better yet, Italy. 

(Agent: Maria Gentile. Booth: 5743)


Caliban is a high-end, high-quality womens and menswear label committed to maintaining clean designs and Italian craftsmanship excellence. With bold patterns and undeniably chic silhouettes, what’s not to love?

(Agent: Michela Petrali. Booth: 5841)


Crafted with sustainable, high quality fabrics, and tailored along the tradition of Italian design excellence, any and all of Goodmatch’s offering is ideal for on-the-go errands and grabbing un aperitivo alike. 

(Agent: Vincenzo Bocchi. Booth: 5749)

Giovanna Nicolai

Simply put, Giovanna Nicolai pieces are delightfully bold. With statement silhouettes, tastefully voluminous fabrics, and dynamic prints, there is no denying the joyful aura of this contemporary label. 

(Agent: Daniele Macellari. Booth: 5836)


ETiCi’s brand ethos is simple: cool, calm, and collected. Based in Carpi, this long standing womenswear brand has made it its mission to outfit its customer base in its chicest designs while maintaining a low environmental impact.

(Agent: Andrea Vignoli. Booth: 5733)


With Gaiofatto, Michela Gaiofatto has strived to deliver styles that not only empower women, but also maintain a fiercely femme aesthetic and an eco-conscious manufacturing practice. 

(Agent: Michela Gaiofatto. Booth: 5832)


Looking to perfect your holiday wardrobe for your next getaway? Well, then, from its hand-painted cashmere sweaters to its luxurious linens, the Arenzano-based label Ploumanac’h is your one-stop-shop for any and all resortwear.

(Agent: Filippo Decotto. Booth: 5749)

De Santis by Martin Alvarez

Sleek, fashion-forward garb that will make you do a double-take is kind of what De Santis does best. Founded in 1961, the luxury label has mastered avant-garde style, a commitment to tradition, and perfectly elegant couture for both men and women.

(Agent: Carmine De Santis. Booth: 5825)

Alberto Audenino

For designer Alberto Audenino, sustainable practices and the celebration of women are paramount in the construction of his clothing. What began with crafting collections from recycled materials has now evolved into an internationally-recognized label specializing in seductive pieces perfect for a gala or a night out.

(Agent: Alberto Audenino. Booth: 5831)Hubert Gasser

Clean linens, soft color palettes, and effortless, breezy styles are Hubert Gasser’s bread and butter. Designed with simplicity and uncomplicated elegance in-mind at all times, each seasonal collection is as glamorous as the next.

(Agent: Jennifer Gasser. Booth: 5868)


Between its bold color palette, pension for sparkling materials, and commitment to adapting high quality Italian craftsmanship to trendy styles, Mikyri is a brand to watch. Its unique silhouettes and joyful designs are truly one of a kind, and perfect for your next night out.

(Agent: Nicolò Grassi. Booth: 5828)

Shaft Jeans

Contrary to what its name would suggest, Shaft Jeans is a holistic womens and menswear brand. With floral boho dresses and arty Western-style shirts-all made in Italy-Shaft Jeans has the high-quality, elevated essentials that you’ve been looking for.

(Agent: Lorenzo Palchetti. Booth: 5749)

Monica Campri

Looking to update your swimwear wardrobe for your next tropical vacation? Then Monica Campri has got you covered. Headquartered in Rome, this luxury beachwear brand has the chicest, most glamorous bikinis and one pieces one could ever ask for.

(Agent: Monica Campri. Booth: 5840)


If you’re on the hunt for a bright, bold, and beautiful color palette, then Feleppa is the brand for you. Its already-trendy and show-stopping silhouettes are further enhanced by vibrant hues, perfect for making a standout statement all year-round. (Agent: Federica Feleppa. Booth: 5737)

5 Progress

5 Progress is a brand dedicated to producing trendy, high-quality womenswear with a modest price tag, and it certainly delivers. Between its selection of boldly-printed suits and quirky  dresses, there is simply no denying this Italian label’s “cool” factor.

(Agent: DAVIDE. Booth: 5827)

Frida Querida Firenze

This luxe swimwear brand has everything you need to live your European beach vacation fantasy. With chic bikinis and one pieces in a variety of contemporary cuts and colorways, swim suits have never looked so high-fashion.

(Agent: Virginia Rodriguez. Booth: 5741)


Simply put, Bessi is a print-fanatic’s dream. Its broad selection of vibrant and dynamic 1960s-style prints is made even better by its timeless silhouettes and bold color palette. It’s artful Italian glamor at its finest.

(Agent: Gennari Antonella. Booth: 5844)

Sartoria 74

At its core, Sartoria 74 is committed to honoring powerful, fierce women. With expertly-tailored women’s suits in a variety of colors and cuts, this Neapolitan-style label, founded by young entrepreneur Francesca Ciccarelli is both innovative and traditional.

(Agent: Francesca Ciccarelli. Booth: 5826)


In the heart of Milan, Biancalancia is producing classic and luxurious womenswear that will never go out of style. With quality materials and timeless silhouettes, you will want to wear Biancalancia’s pieces forever and ever.

(Agent: Alessandra Tortato. Booth: 5861)

Radica Studio

Between its selection of uniquely-structured handbags and contemporary clothing, there is no shortage of cool when it comes to Radica Studio. Honoring Italy’s time-honored innovative spirit, Radica Studio is showing everyone what the future of Italian style looks like.

(Agent: Davide Grillo. Booth: 5748)


Philo’s offering is consistently classic and effortless. With a selection of dresses, outerwear, and accessories that are as easy as they are breezy, there is a lot to obsess over with this Made in Italy label.

(Agent: Robert Mangolini. Booth: 5731)

Carla Carini

Committed to honoring a vision of a liberated, confident, and empowered woman, Carla Carini offers a range of fierce, glamorous clothing. With colorful suits and uniquely draped dresses, this Mantua-based label can really do it all.

(Agent: Elena Vitali. Booth: 5830)

Maurizio Massimino

Offering both men and womenswear collections, Maurizio Massimino is a label dedicated to fine tailoring, elegance, and high quality. Its sleek suiting and distinct fabrics make it a staple brand in the canon of Italian couturiers.

(Agent: Massignani Cristina. Booth: 5745)


Since 1956, Xacus has been a go-to shirt company for men and women alike. Their dedication to expert tailoring and traditional Italian craftsmanship sees them producing the highest quality products, while staying true to their origins. (Agent: Silvia Lorenzato. Booth: 5749)


ADG Artigiano del Guanto

L’Artigiano del Guanto is a Neapolitan leather workshop specializing in soft and supple gloves, which are all crafted by hand from only the finest of materials. Beyond just accessories, these gloves are leather “pieces of art.”

(Agent: Francesco Ricciardiello. Booth: 5658)

Altamoda Belt

This high fashion belt label is simply one of a kind, and has been for over half a century. Each belt is manufactured with advanced production techniques and a commitment to celebrating Italy’s tradition of crafting superior leather goods. (Agent: Stefania Pellicioli. Booth: 5660)

Andrea Cardone

Andrea Cardone launched his namesake label in 2006, and almost two decades later, his Naples-based workshop still adheres to the dream he started out with: to carry on his family’s craftsmanship.

(Agent: Andrea Cardone. Booth: 5662)

Lara Bellini

The Milan-based accessories label Lara Bellini consistently channels its home city’s chic standards with ease. Its pieces possess a clean sophistication and a geometric construction that can only be attributed to stylish Italian aesthetics.

(Agent: Verena Mancastroppa. Booth: 5744)

 De Couture

With unlimited creativity and fully customizable made to order service, De Couture will ensure that your accessories are 100% you, from fabric to hardware.

(Agent: Massimo Mariotti. Booth: 5736)


All eyes on Venetian craftsmanship! Visonà is a historic company of leather goods that makes luxury products at an accessible price point.

(Agent: Elena Baccarin Booth: 5663)

Beba Gioielli

Handcrafted in Florence and designed to elicit an unbridled sense of joy, jeweler Beba Gioielli’s genderless gems are perfect for any and all special occasions.

(Agent: Beba Gioielli. Booth: 5661)


For Iuri creative director Jure Stropnik, designing a bag is all about crafting a shape and form with personality. It should therefore come as no surprise that each of the brand’s bags bears a silhouette that is precise, functional, and trendy.

(Agent: Jure Stropnik. Booth: 5732)


Handmade in Italy and sold everywhere from the Hamptons to select tropical islands, Mela’s jewelry exudes an elevated beachy vibe at all times. Adorned with pearls, shells, and gems, each piece evokes a laid-back, yet glamorous essence. Buon viaggio! (Agent: Manuela Girone. Booth: 5659)

Roberto Pancani

Based in the heart of Tuscany, Florentine bag retailer Roberto Pancani has a unique aesthetic, which is evidenced by its undeniably special selection of straw bags and totes in lightweight raffia or intrecciato leather.

(Agent: Roberto Pancani. Booth: 5762)


Handcrafted in Italy, Buti’s bags are the ideal blend of classic and cool. Its silhouettes are timeless and its materials add a modern flair, elevating the long standing Italian handbag-making tradition.

(Agent: Amerigo Buti. Booth: 5754)

Pelletteria Marant e Antonello Masi

If you’re in the market for your next handbag, then Pelletteria Marant a Antonello Masi definitely has what you’re looking for. With nearly every color under the sun, materials ranging from intrecciato leather to raffia, and any silhouette you could possibly think of, there’s nothing this multi-faceted handbag label can’t produce.

(Agent: Antonello Masi. Booth: 5655)


It’s safe to say that Majo bags are like no other. Crafted by hand-sewing long, thin strips of leather into the bag’s set shape without using punches or a mold, Majo’s bags have a simultaneously unique and timeless look.

(Agent:Roberto Coppari. Booth: 5740)


With an offering spanning belts, bags, bracelets, and even dog leashes, Athison has any (and all!) of the leather accessories you could ever possibly need.

(Agent: Massimiliano D’Ambrosi. Booth: 5758)

Tiziano Colasante

Tiziano Colasante is certainly a handbag brand to watch. Between its timeless designs and clever color-pairings, there is no shortage of innovation with this unique Italian label.

(Agent: Nicoletta Paolini. Booth: 5750)

Leontine Vintage

From customizable boater hats, cute straw bags, and colorful claw clips, Leontine Vintage mixes the glamorous nature of eternal Italian summer style with the trends of today. With each and every one of their products made in Italy, we simply can’t get enough of their selection each season.

(Agent: Eva Aimone. Booth: 5760)

Maison Dressage

Maison Dressage is an equestrian-inspired (the key is in the name!) accessories brand with a chic and sexy twist. Specializing in leather bodywear constructed from tanned Tuscan leather, it is dedicated to constructing some of the finest leather collars, necklaces, harnesses, and bracelets on the market.

(Agent: Matteo Dazzo. Booth: 5742)


They say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, when it comes to MM33, it isn’t broken and it definitely doesn’t need fixing. With a signature style of handbag in a wide variety of shades and patterns, there is no going wrong with this unique label. (Agent: Brunella Magrini. Booth: 5752)


The Napoli-based handbag label Ledeff is truly multi-faceted. With its signature lion head logo emblazoned on each of its bags in a burnished gold metal, it has yielded some of the most classically structured and vibrantly colored bags on the market today.

(Agent: Luigia De Felice. Booth: 5734)

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Bruno Carlo

The inspiration and construction of Bruno Carlo’s accessories offering has always come from family tradition. Its refined selection of knitwear, gloves, and hats combine elegance and classicism to stoke international appeal. Leather, cashmere, wool—mamma mia!

(Agent: Federica Carolo. Booth: 5849)


Whyci is a go-to label for any and all of your knitwear needs. With luxurious wool, silk, and cashmere blends decorated with seasonal prints and embroideries, you had us at Ciao! 

(Agent: Elena Ghisolfi. Booth: 5755)

She’s So

For over 50 years, She’s So has been dedicated to producing undeniably beautiful, feminine knitwear. Between the elegant styles and time-honored quality, it’s no wonder that customers are still flocking to its racks.

(Agent: Federica Piatto. Booth: 5859)

Rocco Ragni

Tucked away in the foothills of Mount Tezio, Rocco Ragni is a label producing some of the artisanal knitwear and precious cashmere on the market today. Each design pulls inspiration from its founder’s interest in traditional spinning techniques and the world-renowned beauty of Umbrian terrain.

(Agent: Stefano Moreschi. Booth: 5834)


Kimonorain brings together the technical characteristics of the Japanese kimono—executed in comfortable, water-proof material. Simple, glamorous, and ready for your next adventure.

(Agent: Elisa Soldini. Booth: 5729)

Tricot Chic

Since 1972, Tricot Chic has been delivering irresistible staple picks and pioneering the world of essential knitwear. With bold patterns and unique silhouettes, its seasonal offerings are consistently swoon–worthy. 

(Agent: Flavio Nava. Booth: 5822)

Of Handmade

Of Handmade is nothing short of a cult-favorite knitwear brand. Celebrating traditional practice and contemporary design with every piece, its approach is both stylish and sustainable season after season.

(Agent: Simona. Booth: 5727)


Founded in 1934, Fedeli has evidently found its knitwear sweet spot: quality and tradition, crossed with passion and creativity. Made exclusively in Italy for over 85 years, Fedeli’s luxurious cashmeres and sumptuous wool blends are a go-to for every cold snap.

(Agent: Alba de Marinis. Booth: 5853)

Lorena Benatti

It’s no exaggeration to say that Lorena Benatti has perfected the art of feminine knitwear. From two-toned palettes and asymmetrical cuts, this quintessential Italian brand will no doubt fulfill all of your knitted needs.

(Agent: Francesca Corradini. Booth: 5842)



With a commitment to minimalist opulence and contemporary design, Ta.Sk. impresses with its chic womenswear each and every season. Their modern sweaters, loungewear, and outerwear abound, making them a retailer whose pieces will be in style now and later.

(Agent: Giovanni Vasta. Booth: 5835)


With over 50 years under its belt, Tesei is a label committed to quality craftsmanship and timeless design. Constantly adapting to new knitwear styles, while still maintaining their impeccable brand DNA.

(Agent: Alberto Antonelli. Booth: 5735)



Landi’s outerwear offerings include waterproof pea coats, down jackets, and fur overcoats, all featuring a time-honored finish. Also prioritizing sustainability, Landi uses strictly regenerated fabric fibers that nod to Tuscan textile practices. (Agent: Simone Landi. Booth: 5863)


Located in the heart of Italy’s Venetian leather mecca, Suprema is steeped in and surrounded by excellence. With camel coats stitched in double-faced cashmere, sheepskin parkas, and mink, sable, and chinchilla finishes, Suprema epitomizes the high standards attributed to Italian craftsmanship.

(Agent: Luigi Zavan. Booth: 5749)


Stitched by hand and designed for confident, distinguished women, Artico’s winter-oriented selection offers luxurious yet  practical outerwear ready for the slopes and the après-ski parties that follow.

(Agent: Roncarati Umberto. Booth: 5867)


Made by highly skilled designers and craftsmen, Gimo’s selection of jackets and outerwear is revered for both quality and style. From classic silhouettes to popular tones, this storied label, which has been in business since 1968, does it right.

(Agent: Liana Tieppo. Booth: 5767)


Thierry Rabotin

Thierry Rabotin is a label dedicated to striking the right balance between form, fit, and function, while simultaneously maintaining a stylish appearance. We approve!

(Agent: Emanuela Balbini. Booth: 5769)

Jo Ghost

With its roots in the 1970s, Jo Ghost has since expanded into the world of women’s shoes while maintaining the joyfully eccentric taste and exceptional quality its known for.

(Agent: Finnochi Paola. Booth: 5670)

Donna Carolina

Designed for any and every occasion, Donna Carolina has anything you could want for your staple shoe collection. From patent leather boots to wool-lined platform sneakers, each pair flawlessly balances current trends with timeless Italian craftsmanship.

(Agent: Valentina Vanin. Booth: 5668)


Lemargo is the quintessential Italian, family-run shoemaker. Crafted with the highest quality leathers, each Lemargo pair channels creativity, artisanal workmanship, and precision.

(Agent: Rudy Cesaretti. Booth: 5666)


In a world where fashion sneakers have become omnipresent, Asiana stands apart. With brocade-style prints and silk scarf-esque laces, this Bologna-based label has crafted its own, unique space in the market of today.

(Agent: Giovanni Guerzoni. Booth: 5770)

Francesca Bellavita:

Want a footwear brand that’s fun, unique, and has a handbag to match each and every one of their color-ways? Then look no further than Francesca Bellavita. This high-fashion label is unapologetically bold, with thoughtful, standout designs that are perfect for your next night out.

(Agent: Francesca Bellavita. Booth: 5667)

Moa Concept:

With incredibly cool, high-octane sneakers for both women and men, Moa Concept epitomizes fierce footwear. Its signature lightning bolt logo and its use of metallic and vibrant colors will elevate your penchant for a regular pair of white sneaks to new heights.

(Agent: Elisa Zanetti. Booth: 5766)


Maimai is a luxury sneaker label with a proclivity for the whimsical and wonderful. Their printed, patterned, and metallic sneakers stand alone and offer a different take on the high-end sneaker that is dominating the footwear world today.

(Agent: Salvatore Gnoni. Booth: 5768)


The footwear label Donatello is committed to embracing the inventive thinking of the great Italian artist of the same name, who bridged the gap between the old and the new world of Italian craftsmanship and culture. And, with their high quality leathers and forward-looking designs, it would appear as though they are following in his footsteps. 

(Agent: Joseph Molinaro. Booth: 5771)

Cristina Millotti

Cristina Millotti is all about classics with a contemporary flair. Made with the finest Italian leather, this footwear label’s sandals, heels, loafers (and more!) take traditional Italian craftsmanship into the modern era.

(Agent: Maria Cristina Millotti. Booth: 5669)

Henry Ayden

The cowboy boot will always be a classic. However, the Milan-based label Henry Aden has made it their mission to elevate this staple footwear choice. With a myriad of colors and iterations available each season, Henry Ayden has given the cowboy boot a suitably Italian makeover.

(Agent: Martina Frappi. Booth: 5671)

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