Mozambique Fashion Week: Open call for aspiring Mozambican fashion designers, models

Every year, Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW) seeks to expand, to leverage national production in the industry and offer its many followers a quality event with a variety of designers and models that add value to the event, to the fashion sector and to Mozambican arts and culture.

MFW acts also as a platform for discovering, encouraging, training and promoting Mozambican fashion. We believe that part of this comes from giving openness and ease to young and small entrepreneurs to walk and take their small steps to conquer their careers and business success.

According to the statement sent to Moz Entretenimento, the MFW team will be receiving applications for its 18th edition, where designers and models can showcase their talent and take their place in the fashion world.

Enrolment for candidates in the areas of fashion, design and catwalk have been taking place on the event’s website since July 18. This is a different system from previous years, when enrolment took place in person. For this year’s edition, the production hopes to continue to attract fashion designers and models with talent and technical capacity to surpass the numbers obtained in past events. Last year alone, the team received more than 1,300 entries for models and 150 applications for designers, of which 60 models and 70 designers were selected for the big event and were able to showcase their talent and creativity.

As always, MFW wants to encourage designers and new talents to think outside the box and present new, unique and competitive ideas that can inspire a totally different experience for the audience or final consumer, showing their full potential for the success of their brands.

Fashion designers

In addition to filing the enrolment form available online, on the MFW website, designers must make sure that their sketches and mood boards are delivered to the Maputo offices of DDB Moçambique, the company organising the event, by the last day of registration, Thursday, 18 August.

Applications must be sent taking into account the Mozambique Fashion Week category in which candidates intend to participate, eitehr ‘Young Designers’ or ‘Marcas'[‘Brands]’.

The link for registration is:

The MFW Team will make the selection taking into account the information on the registration form and the quality of the materials delivered by the designers. Check out the specifics in the application form for ‘Young Designers’ and ‘Marcas’  HERE.

Model casting

All models and aspiring catwalk models aged no less than 16 and no more than 24 are invited to apply.


The model selection will have three stages to choose the finalists.

Watch out for the detailed requirements, measurements included, on the models’ application form HERE.

For more information about registration, interested parties can contact [email protected] or via WhatsApp on 845 961632.

Source: Moz Entretenimento / Mozambique Fashion Week

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