Parents furious after Dior launches baby skincare and perfume line

Parents have been left furious after a popular fashion brand launched a baby skincare and perfume line, saying youngsters categorically don’t ‘need’ beauty products.

Dior has unveiled a new range of beauty goodies aimed at babies and children, which some people think is an ‘adorable’ idea, while others can’t believe what they’re seeing.

The designer fashion brand actually once had a ‘baby care line’, launched back in 1970, but it was later discontinued.

However, it’s decided to give it another stab, having made the bold decision to ‘revisit Baby Dior’.

It comes after Dior Perfume Creative Director Francis Kurkdijan joined the brand back in October 2022, telling WWD: “One of the projects I had in mind was revisiting Baby Dior.”

Kurkdijan continued: “Christian Dior evoked his childhood many times as a very happy and joyful period of his life.

“The scent and the baby care line were discontinued, and I was eager to bring it back to life as a tribute.”

Dior has revived its baby skincare line. Credit: Dior
Dior has revived its baby skincare line. Credit: Dior

The centrepiece of the new line is the Bonne Étoile ‘scented water’, billed as baby’s ‘very first step into fragrance’ with ‘soft notes of pear, wild rose and white musks’ – and yours for $361.

There’s also the $149 La Mousse Très Fondante cleanser, which Dior says is ‘an essential part of a baby skincare routine’, and the $149 L’Eau Très Fraîche cleanser, also costing $149.

If you’re after something to ‘envelop baby’s delicate skin in a cocoon’ with ‘calming scents of orchard pear’, you could opt for the $180 Le Lait Très Tendre Hydrating Milk.

If you can’t pick between all of the above, however – or if you just have a lot of spare cash lying around and don’t know what to do with it – you can fork out $839 for the entire range.

Commenting on Facebook, many users said the ‘beautiful collection’ looked ‘gorgeous’, with one writing: “How adorable!!!”

Another said: “This is so cute.”

A third added: “Need this for my girls.”

The Bonne Étoile ‘<a href=scented water’ costs $361. Credit: Dior” loading=”lazy”/>
The Bonne Étoile ‘scented water’ costs $361. Credit: Dior

However, others were baffled by the idea.

“BABIES DON’T NEED THIS,” one fumed, with another agreeing: “Full of chemical, kids should not be exposed to this.”

Someone else wrote: “Can’t tell who the bigger clowns are – the makers or the buyers.”

Another person wrote: “Yeah OK. The average family can barely afford essentials for their babies but let’s sell useless products for hundreds of dollars.”

Others also asked why you’d want to mask the ‘perfect’ smell that babies often have naturally.

Speaking to, Professor Deshan Sebaratnam – pediatric dermatologist at Sydney’s Liverpool Hospital – just advised parents to ‘keep [any] baby skincare bland’.

Sebaratnam explained: “You want to avoid unnecessary fragrances, preservatives or food products on babies’ skin. These can infrequently lead to sensitisation and the development of allergies.

“Skincare for babies should be cheap and simple. A bland greasy moisturiser – free of preservatives, fragrances, and food products – can be helpful in babies with dry skin or eczema. A bland soap-free cleanser can be used for bath time. A barrier cream can be helpful for nappy rash. That’s really all that’s needed.”

Tyla has reached out to Dior for comment.

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