Robots And Models Share Stage At Fashion Show In Paris

Watch: Robots And Models Share Stage At Fashion Show In Paris

Coperni unleashed robot dogs on the runway.

Many fashion shows held across the world frequently offer something fresh that amazes people. Coperni delivered the fashion industry its most memorable viral moment the previous year by spray-painting a dress on Bella Hadid. Following the same trend, this time around, the French brand unleashed robot dogs on the runway. Coperni collaborated with Boston Dynamics to produce the first fashion show where robots, not models, took centre stage.

The brand took to Instagram to share pictures from the show. “The Fall Winter 23 collection is a modern fable about the relationship between humans and technology. The show presents Coperni’s vision which is that there is neither a dominant nor a dominated, but that mankind and machine can live in harmony,” they wrote in the caption.  

Since being shared, the post has garnered a lot of attention from social media users.

“Soooo cool, the future is here and now,” added a user. 

“Wish you were focused on making clothes and not advancing the totalitarian technocratic agenda, through half-assed marketing stunts,” commented a person. 

A second person said, “These were literally invented to make it easier for police to kill people but go off with your positive vision for the future I guess.”

“Wow,” said another user.

“Black mirror vibes,” added another user.

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In one of the videos shared online, a robot and a human are seen approaching each other in order to become friends. Later the robot helps the model in taking off her coat. In another video, a different robot takes the model’s handbag and carries it for her.

The robots known as “Spot” carry out a wide range of various activities, according to Coperni, including gathering equipment data in industrial facilities, building digital twins on construction sites and assisting first responders in properly assessing potentially dangerous situations. 

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