11 Brands To Watch: Ljubljana Fashion Week 2023

The 14th edition of Ljubljana Fashion Week in the stunning new creative hub, Center Rog, a former bicycle factory, was a brilliant showcase of 30 Eastern European (mostly Slovenian) established and emerging designers, including some interesting collaborations and comebacks. Open to the public, LJFW is an independent fashion platform, headed by the super energetic Melinda Rebrek who says “in addition to having a focus on sustainability, Ljubljana Fashion Week embraces all forms of creativity with joy and pride, showing a diverse range of aesthetics and trends, from avant-garde couture to streetwear chic.” Here is a selection of some of the most interesting brands on this year’s catwalk, in Slovenia’s charming capital.


One of Eastern Europe’s most loved designer brands opened this edition of Ljubljana Fashion Week. Sister duo Mateja Lukač and Mia Aleksandra Lukač create designs that are

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Highlights From Oslo Runway 2023

Going from strength to strength, Oslo Runway, now in its ninth year, is a reflection of the ever increasing international interest in all things Scandinavian, particularly style and design. Copenhagen Fashion Week might still be better known but Oslo’s annual fashion showcase continues to impress with innovative Norwegian designers who have a strong sustainable ethos. And this year, Oslo Runway has introduced the CPHFW’s sustainability requirements, where all brands and designers participating must report on their sustainable approach, as well as signing an ethical charter for the fashion industry, an agreement considering diversity and inclusion for models and staff.

With more than 30 established Norwegian brands and new designers on the schedule this week, Oslo Runway kicked off with a lively

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