Menswear brand Gomorrah launches compostable fashion collection

Biodegradable fashion could play a key factor in the industry’s fight against waste and climate change. Many fabrics and materials are not biodegradable, even if the fabric’s origins would cause it to break down eventually, any treatments in the finishing process, like dying, processing and washing, may release hazardous chemicals and prevent nature from doing its course.

With that in mind, Gomorrah, a mission-driven menswear brand, said it will launch a 100 percent compostable menswear line. The collection will feature plant-based, compostable products made with 100 percent certified organic materials.

Originally only two products have made the grade, a compostable t-shirt and a shirt. The shirt’s buttons are made using plant-based buttons so that both styles are vegan and environmentally friendly.

“We need new apparel companies with progressive business models to offer better products with more value,” said Itzett Romero and Max Sudak, co-founders of Gomorrah. “It’s vital to

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