Peter Do Joins At.Kollektive’s Designer Lineup at Men’s Fashion Week

Many creatives listen to music while they work. A little Andrea Bocelli here, some ’80s New Wave there. Maybe a Mariah Carey interlude to make it through one particularly high hill of the day. In his Sunset Park, Brooklyn studio overlooking Gowanus Bay where Peter Do typically designs, he does nothing of the sort. “It’s dead quiet,” he said in Paris over the weekend at the tail end of Men’s Fashion Week. “It makes other people nervous, but I can only work without noise. Otherwise, I can’t focus.” The Vietnam-born American fashion designer—who launched his eponymous brand in 2018 and was recently named creative director of Helmut Lang—was in town to present his surprise collaboration for At.Kollektive. The first inspiration for the new line he created in silence? A music device, surprisingly.

“I guess it’s a bit ironic,” Do joked as he pointed to the oval-shaped accessory. With beveled

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