How the A League of Their Own Hair and Makeup Departments Transformed the Peaches

Photo credit: Nicola Goode

Photo credit: Nicola Goode

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Lipstick can’t make you hit a home run or pitch a curveball. Still, the women playing in the newly formed All-American Girls Professional Baseball League have impeccably high standards to maintain. While Babe Ruth didn’t have to concern himself with such trifling matters, the newly formed Rockford Peaches in Amazon Prime’s A League of Their Own are not so fortunate.

Based loosely on the hit 1992 Penny Marshall film of the same name (which itself was based on the real-life All-American Girls Professional Baseball League), the eight-part series from Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham nods to the original movie with scenes depicting mandatory charm and beauty school. Cosmetic maven Vivienne Hughes (Nancy Lenehan) is tasked with making this group of women “palatable to an audience,” which is met with equal

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