More Than Minimal: A Shoppable Timeline of Scandi Influence in Fashion

In this age of personality, digital influence is increasingly being translated into contemporary labels that fill the gap between luxury and fast fashion. In the decade since the first Scandinavian influencer brands born of blogs (Anine Bing in 2011 and Toteme in 2014), fashion has entered a period of minimalist mania, favoring some of these labels. Yet the stereotype of the region’s style as being almost exclusively clean-lined and tonal belies the evolution of Scandi cool. Think about it: Dressed in a colorful print dress, the Ganni Girl started going global in 2012; and Rotate, the label launched by street-style faves Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars, is celebrating five years of glam party looks.

Today the Scandi Girl wields as much sway as the French Girl in terms of fashion pull. Why? The consensus from the women I surveyed for this story—who came to design through blogging,

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