15 Black Beauty Influencers On TikTok That Will Take You From A Makeup Novice To A Blending Baddie In No Time

If you remember back in the YouTube days, there were only a handful of Black beauty creators teaching us the tips and tricks of the makeup world. Back then, colors didn’t extend to every hue, and Black women were put into a limited box.

Jackie Aina at the 2021 Met Gala

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Thank God those days are over! Black beauty creators exist and are here to stay! They cover it all from learning the best skincare products for oily skin to testing brands like Makeup By Mario and giving their honest reviews.

Searrching foundation shades on TikTok to see results

The best thing with TikTok is configuring a search for Black women by typing it or putting “Black girl” at the end of every search.

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From OGs to newbies, these Black beauty creators signify boldness, beauty, and Blackness with the content they are pushing out every day. Although you can still find them shining and thriving on YouTube,

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African Beauty Brings Traditional Ingredients to US Shelves| Well+Good

Like many Black Americans of African descent, I grew up removed from my heritage. Whenever my family and I visited Kenya, I’d become even more painfully aware of how far away I was from my culture—and with that, a huge part of my identity. I didn’t speak the language, my American accent always caused a laugh riot, and I didn’t know a lot of the music my family listened to. I felt disconnected from my family and myself, and was consumed with the things that made me different. For a while, I didn’t feel like I had the right to claim my Kenyanness.

As I got older and fell in love with beauty, I realized that the techniques and rituals I used to care for my hair and skin were saturated in Kenyan culture. Slathering oils on my scalp before styling, rubbing shea butter on my eczema flare-ups, wearing

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