The A to Z Guide to Black Designers on SSENSE

The A to Z Guide to Black Designers on SSENSE

Black designers are the past, present, and future, often unseen in the credit they rightfully deserve. We’re here to give credit where it’s due, highlighting an array of Black designers deserving recognition for their contributions to the fashion industry. Many of these designers know the difficulty of wearing multiple Hats—carrying a heavy load of responsibilities on their backs. These creative forces, from all over the world, embody the essence of hard work paying off, transitioning from the classrooms to the runways, and rising to the top of the fashion industry. 

From emerging to established brands, these are names you should know. In honor of Black History Month and the spirit of Black innovation, we’re spotlighting every brand that’s Black-owned or helmed by a Black designer available on SSENSE. These designers are the cultural architects of our generation, spanning minimal aesthetics, luxury streetwear, avant-garde designs, and trendsetting creations. Tap

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Winners and losers in Black communities

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, the interplay between designer brands and black communities stands at the crossroads of celebration and critique. Navigating the intricacies of this relationship is imperative, offering insights into the triumphs and tribulations experienced within Black communities in the realm of designer fashion. This article endeavors to unravel the multifaceted narrative, shedding light on the dichotomy of winners and losers amid the complex tapestry that intertwines high-end fashion with diverse communities.

From inspirational success stories that empower to the persistent challenges that demand acknowledgment, this exploration delves into the profound impact designer fashion wields on Black communities. By scrutinizing the dynamics at play, we aim to decipher how the fashion landscape shapes — and is shaped by —  the experiences of individuals within these communities.

The rise of Black fashion icons

At the forefront of this narrative are the black fashion icons who have not only

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How Well(Un)Known co-founder Chris Taylor is representing brands on the rise

Years after meeting at Norfolk State University, Chris Taylor and Aneesha DuBois realized a vision to highlight fashion brands that weren’t getting the shine that they deserved. Now the company forward-thinking company Well(Un)Known is putting these brands on the map, while also supporting Black designers and the type of cultural education only HBCUs are known for.

Taylor spoke with rolling out about Well(Un)Known, and the importance of Black designers.

Tell us about Well(Un)Known.

Well(Un)Known is an e-commerce founded by myself and Aneesha DuBois back in 2019.

Aneesha had a blog back in 2013 when she was wearing emerging designers and was doing fashion PR, so she had access to a lot of emerging brands and new designers. In her blog, she would just get dressed, and take pictures, and she named the blog Well(Un)Known.

We met at Norfolk State’s homecoming in 2016 and we started talking. In 2018 she ended

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Fashion designer Blu Boy partners with Toyota to bring clothing visions to life

Blu Boy wanted a way to express his artistry, so he decided to design clothing. Born in Atlanta, Blu Boy feels he’s at his best when he’s able to design clothes from scratch, which led him to create his own clothing brand, WNTD. Almost a decade later, he wanted to make designing easier for others and created the “Blu Prints Sketchbook.”

Blu Boy was present at ComplexCon 2023 where he partnered with Toyota to have people take advantage of his sketchbook and create their own designs. He spoke with rolling out about ComplexCon, being a fashion designer, and the importance of Black designers.

How did you present your book at ComplexCon?

I came up with the “Blu Prints Sketchbook” three months ago. It’s a fashion template sketchbook designed to cut the time of fashion design in half. All the templates are already drawn out for you. You get different T-shirts,

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