CT native expands luxury clothing business, ‘working 24/7’

A rare Raf Simons striped turtleneck from a 2001 runway collection peeks through Cade Thiel’s garment rack, brushed alongside Kanye’s original Pastelle varsity jacket and a freshly unpacked Issey Miyake runway tree embroidered blazer from the late 1990s.

These pieces make up the hundreds of used designer and vintage clothing items obtained and then sold by the 24-year-old at any given time to celebrities, fashion enthusiasts and stylists on his online clothing store called Faucet.

“Around 2018, I started to unravel a passion for finding unique clothing and sourcing them from international stores and bringing them to the US,” said Thiel. “Early on I developed a routine where I was thrifting every day and I would shop online at night, see what’s out there on the market, evaluate the rarity and authenticity of an item and acquire it.”

As Thiel’s love for buying rare fashion grew, his understanding of the

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