the rise of the Olsen twins’ luxury brand

On a recent trip to Paris, the thing I bought that inspired the most envy was not tuberose soap from Buly or linen duvet covers from Merci. In fact, the item was not French at all but American. It was a pair of mesh slippers in a dark shade of blue by The Row, purchased from the resale company Resee for about €200, a third of what they originally sold for. One friend in a group chat said that if she wore the same size shoes as me, she would murder me for them. I’m not entirely sure she was joking.

Welcome to the cult of The Row, a label established in 2006 by former child stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen selling T-shirts for a couple of hundred dollars. Now? Their £3,000 coats are worn by Katie Holmes and the Duchess of Sussex, fashion editors will only carry their Read the rest