Black In Fashion Council Presents Their Seventh Showroom Featuring Emerging Designers Kilentar, Onalaja, Khoi and More During NYFW

Others found inspiration elsewhere, including close friends and family. For Ciara Chyanne, her interior designer grandmother, was a big influence on her collections. To always have a piece of her grandmother in her clothes, she uses upholstery fabrics, including blazers, skirts, and jackets. On the other hand, Krystal Phillips of Kaphill wanted to make a brand for her community. Known for her love of color and puff sleeves, she thought about how she could make comfortable clothes for her friends, and this season, she imagined a spring collection that they could wear if she got married in the South of France.

Fumi the Label

Photo: Courtesy of Fumi the Label

Fumi Egbon of Fumi The Label has no formal training in fashion. Growing up, she would look through magazines and never saw size-inclusive clothes that were also bright and fun, so she started a brand to address that, mainly

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