7 Popular Clothing Brands the Middle Class Can’t Afford Anymore

whitemay / Getty Images

whitemay / Getty Images

The price of apparel has increased significantly over the past few years. Challenges in the industry, such as supply chain issues, have made it more expensive for manufacturers to do business. This increase in cost is frequently passed on to consumers, making what was once reasonably priced clothing unaffordable to the middle class.

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Fast fashion, which is usually mass-produced and low-priced, has pushed some mid-priced brands into a higher-priced category since they are unable to compete with the lower costs. Unfortunately, for some consumers, this means that some of your favorite pieces from well-known, long-lived clothing companies are out of reach. Here are seven clothing brands the middle-class-cant-afford-anymore/?hyperlink_type=manual&utm_term=incontent_link_2&utm_campaign=1259373&utm_source=aol.com&utm_content=4&utm_medium=rss” data-ylk=”slk:middle class can’t afford anymore;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas” class=”link rapid-noclick-resp”middle class can’t afford

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How Rebecca Chamberlain, a Recycled-Fashion Designer, Spends Her Sundays

For many years, Rebecca Chamberlain designed clothes for famous brands, mostly to make ends meet. During the coronavirus pandemic, she started doing it for herself — by turning old garments into modern, sophisticated pieces.

“When I was ghost-designing for mainstream clothing companies, it felt like we were always racing — towards what, a markdown?” said Ms. Chamberlain, 53, adding that she disliked the amount of waste the fashion world created.

In 2020, Ms. Chamberlain said, she felt at peace back at the sewing machine as she “frantically” made hundreds of masks for a nearby hospital from her upstate home in Andes, N.Y. It was also the first time she had a chance to be creative for herself, she said.

While many people found comfort in sweatpants, Chamberlain found herself hunting for old military gear, quilts, jeans and men’s shirts.

She first took apart a pair of Levi’s jeans and a

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Adaptive Clothing Brands | POPSUGAR Fashion

The need for adaptive clothing brands is more transparent than ever as a search for easy-on, functional, and stylish items yields very few results. And the companies that do offer solutions for those living with disabilities maintain they have yet to see most mainstream brands introduce similar adaptable features to their products.

Tommy Hilfiger and Brooks Brothers actually have MagnaReady to thank for the technology necessary to bring adaptive clothing to the retail space — the company, started by Maura Horton in 2012, pioneered and patented a total of four magnetic closures that are today used as a creative solution in design at both heritage fashion houses. On the lingerie front, Liberare‘s magnetic front fasteners and assistive grip loops for a no-pinch closure have given way to bestselling wireless bras since 2022, and Victoria’s Secret is fast following in its footsteps, also applying sensory-friendly fabric and adjustable and convertible

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This gender-free and anti-waste fashion brand is empowering its customers to be who they want to be, through style

Fashion designer MI Leggett is making gender-free and anti-waste clothing through their line Official Rebrand (@official_rebrand) that makes people feel more empowered, more embodied, and more themselves. “Style is really a poem you can write every day, say who you are, who you wanna be,” says MI. “It’s a way to turn your inside to the outside. Especially being gender nonconforming, style can be a tool to just construct the self that you truly are.”

The designer believes gender-free garments offer more freedom for self-expression than gendered clothing. “I think about gender-free because of freedom to play, freedom to experiment, freedom to figure out what’s right for you,” says MI.

In addition to making gender-free clothing, MI has also found a lot of fulfillment in repurposing garments, because waste is such a huge problem in the fashion industry. MI repurposes both pre-consumer and post-consumer pieces to

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These Plus-Size Clothing Stores & Brands Are Editor-Approved

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Young East Van entrepreneur’s streetwear line hits Footlocker (PHOTOS)

A 21-year-old East Vancouver man is living his dream after iconic streetwear store Footlocker stocked up on his clothing brand earlier this month.

The partnership is a major fashion feat for Nicolas Budisa, the creator of “Our Block Clothing,” and the youngest entrepreneur to ever have their clothing brand sold at Footlocker.

His designs, which are inspired by several Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods, caught the attention of one of the world’s leading shoe retailers last year.

“Footlocker reached out to me because they were beginning their new venture to start working with Canadian “homegrown” clothing brands,” Budisa told Daily Hive.

Budisa started “Our Block Clothing,” two years ago during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The clothing style features designs inspired by Vancouver and Burnaby, and neighbourhoods like Champlain Heights and Killarney. 

Budisa, a former aspiring pro soccer player, created his clothing line during the pandemic lockdown when he

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