Richmond Designers That Are Rocking The Fashion Industry

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Hello, Richmonders! I’ve had the privilege to live in Richmond and go to an art school where I’ve befriended so many talented artists. I want to highlight these unique designers who share values and execute their style in innovative ways. These modern creatives highlight sustainability, inclusivity and vulnerability through their brands. These artists are on their way to big things. Let me introduce to you: Danasia, Antoine, Emma Jean and Fitz!

Richmond VA at sunset
Original photo by Miriam Gibson


Danasia is a local Norfolk/Richmond designer who specializes in denim work. Her main focus is circular fashion: “There’s enough clothes on the planet to last us a lifetime and I enjoy creating something new out of what people would consider something old.” Her mention about something “old” being subjective is something our modern generation stresses. Many creatives enjoy

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Artists Accuse Fashion Brand Shein of Using AI to Steal Their Designs

Three artists are accusing fast-fashion clothing brand Shein of using an AI-based algorithm to spot trendy designs and commit widespread intellectual property theft in conjunction with a disorienting corporate structure that has allowed the $66 billion company to avoid legal repercussion.

On Tuesday, July 11, visual artists Krista Perry, Larissa Martinez — otherwise known as “Larissa Blintz” — and Jay Baron filed suit against the Chinese online retailer in a California federal court, alleging that Shein and its related entities Roadget Business and Zoetop Business Company employ a “byzantine shell game of corporate structure” in order to skirt legal consequence for stealing artists’ original work.

“Shein’s design ‘algorithm’ could not work without generating the kinds of exact copies that can greatly damage an independent designer’s career — especially

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Popular clothing brand SHEIN most Googled coupon in the US, research suggests

Here is some new data that actually may not come as a surprise to some shoppers.

New research says the popular clothing brand Shein was the most searched coupon in over a third of the country.

With fashion clothing coupons being the most searched for in two-fifths of the United States, research conducted by financial comparison site Forbes Advisor analyzed five years of Google Trends data to establish the most Googled coupons in each U.S. state and the states that searched for coupons the most.

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According to research, fashion brand SHEIN (She-In) dominated search results for clothing coupons in 18 states and is the most Googled coupon in the U.S., topping search results in over a third of the country. The states that searched for coupons the most are, in order of the number of

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Young East Van entrepreneur’s streetwear line hits Footlocker (PHOTOS)

A 21-year-old East Vancouver man is living his dream after iconic streetwear store Footlocker stocked up on his clothing brand earlier this month.

The partnership is a major fashion feat for Nicolas Budisa, the creator of “Our Block Clothing,” and the youngest entrepreneur to ever have their clothing brand sold at Footlocker.

His designs, which are inspired by several Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods, caught the attention of one of the world’s leading shoe retailers last year.

“Footlocker reached out to me because they were beginning their new venture to start working with Canadian “homegrown” clothing brands,” Budisa told Daily Hive.

Budisa started “Our Block Clothing,” two years ago during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The clothing style features designs inspired by Vancouver and Burnaby, and neighbourhoods like Champlain Heights and Killarney. 

Budisa, a former aspiring pro soccer player, created his clothing line during the pandemic lockdown when he

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