Kim Mulkey outfit designers talk dressing the LSU basketball coach

The first time LSU women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey ventured into the sparkle queendom, she ripped her blazer.

Remember that iconic white blazer with butterflies Mulkey wore last season? That was her first game-day outfit from Baton Rouge designer Jaime Glas’ burgeoning clothing line, Queen of Sparkles.

Glas didn’t know Mulkey would be wearing her product until she received a flood of messages during that December 2021 game.

“I was just like, ‘Wow,’” said Glas, 34, an LSU graduate and ardent Tigers fan. “That’s what opened my eyes to her as, ‘This woman is here. She’s not playing around.’”

Glas soon got a call from the owner of the local boutique where one of Mulkey’s staffers had selected the butterfly blazer for LSU’s flamboyant coach to wear.

Mulkey works the sideline like a tigress, and she had ripped the blazer, Glas was told. Could the legendary coach get

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