North Carolina jewelry maker has her creations featured in Netflix film | WFAE 90.7

SHELBY, N.C. — When a friend gave Beth Coiner two delicate fishbones she had found on the beach one day, Coiner knew she wanted to create a pair of earrings out of the slender filaments with tiny razor tooth edges, but she never anticipated they would end up in a comedy horror film.

“The Menu,” which is available on Netflix, has several scenes where actress Hong Chau is wearing the Shelby woman’s creations.

Coiner said filming was taking place in Savannah, and the costumer designer saw the earrings in a Charleston shop, called Worthwhile, where Coiner was selling some of her work. They ended up buying them to be worn in the movie and then requested six more pairs, which were sent back to Coiner after filming was done.

Coiner said when she got a call letting her know they not only wanted a main character in a feature

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