The best thrift shops in Ventura for bargain hunters

Ventura is a quintessential beach town — a little rustic, unpretentious and less frenetic than its counterparts in Orange County or L.A. You’re more likely to spot a vintage VW bus and The Dude wannabes in Ventura than people in suits driving shiny new Mercedes or BMWs.

So it’s no surprise that Ventura is also a thrift shop haven. These are not glamorous stores — many are warehouse-sized with well-worn flooring and scuffed-up walls — but that doesn’t seem to deter the throngs of bargain seekers or treasure hunters out for the ultimate thrift-store prize: something that’s selling for way more on Ebay.

Maybe it’s these high-inflation times but Ventura’s thrift stores are busy even on weekdays — mothers holding sleeping babies, rapidly searching through toddler clothes on borrowed time; preteens critically examining skirts or jeans for stains or (hopefully) rips; a young man in cutoffs trying on button-down shirts

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