CT fashion designer once tweeted by Cardi B gets Times Square billboard

Founder of IEMBE Travis Dimeer Terry of Manchester posted a picture of his mother — who is also his handbag and clothing brand’s model — Laverne Terry, 61, on Instagram in front of the IEMBE billboard in Times Square.

During the reveal, a street act with a crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to Laverne.

“It was not planned, but it just made the experience 10 times better,” she said.

To have his brand in Times Square was a dream Travis said he manifested. In 2019, he said he wrote in his journal that he would have a billboard one day and it would be a “major accomplishment” for him. On April 6, 2022, he also tweeted his goal: “I want a billboard in NYC Times Square.”

Travis Dimeer Terry's 2019 journal entry.

Travis Dimeer Terry’s 2019 journal entry.

Contributed by Travis Dimeer Terry

The two pictures displayed on the big screen in Manhattan were big releases for

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