5 Local Jewelry Brands You Should Have Under Your Radar

Stock up on your jewelry collection with these local jewelry brands

It’s already understood that jewelry can easily elevate any everyday ensemble. Although the trend in the world of accessories had a little bit of a jumble in the early years of 2010s, it took a different turn as time slowly went into the year 2020. From dangling feather necklaces and playful metal owl pendants, many fashion enthusiasts turned to dainty golds, charming gems, and a mix and match of metals. 

It’s a trend many had their fun experimenting with and seeing that it’s still a must-have, we looked around the realm of Instagram to see where you can get the next set of minimalist jewelry you can have in your collection. 

Paragon Pieces

The small business started out with their line of phone cases, and just two years ago, they ventured into jewelry. Their small line of accessories that

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