Troll Japanese clothing company CUGGL goes viral after winning lawsuit against GUCCI

A Japanese troll clothing company went viral on social media after winning its trademark lawsuit against GUCCI over similar CUGGL logo.

GUCCI lost its lawsuit in a Japanese court, after the Italian fashion house tried to block CUGGL for attempting to trademark a “confusing” logo, which it claimed was essentially its trademark.

The Japan Patent Office dismissed the opposition, concluding that there weren’t enough similarities between both logos for GUCCI to make a solid case.

Per Financial Times, the owner of CUGGL is Osaka-based Nobuaki Kurokawa, who sells t-shirts parodying famous brands. He has reimagined the Puma mark into other animal names such as pug, labra(dor) and pome(ranian). These shirts sell on his website at about $12 to $25.

cuggl” class=”text-neutral-grey font-display font-bold mb-5 text-title-2″Social media users react to CUGGL

A Twitter user shared the news that the Japanese troll brand won its lawsuit against the luxurious

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