Darcey Silva announces collaboration with high-end jewelry designer

Darcey Silva TLC screenshot
Darcey is expanding her business endeavors. Pic credit: TLC

“Collaboration is the new currency!” according to TLC star Darcey Silva.

The reality TV star recently announced a collaboration with a luxury jewelry designer.

Taking to her Instagram Story over the weekend, Darcey shared a video of herself modeling an assortment of beautiful jewelry pieces.

Only Darcey’s left hand was visible in the video, showing off the bling she was sporting on her fingers and wrist.

Darcey was dripping in diamonds, wearing multiple diamond rings, along with a gorgeous blue tanzanite ring with a radiant cut.

A slew of diamond necklaces and bracelets sat on the table above her hands, including Darcey’s signature diamond cross chain.

90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva shares her jewelry collaboration collection

Darcey positioned her wrist to show off her diamond-encrusted Rolex wristwatch and nameplate bracelet with diamond hearts.

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