I’m a Former Fashion Designer, and These Are the 8 Amazon Summer Wardrobe Staples You Should Buy Right Now

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The best part? Everything is on sale.

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As a former fashion designer, people don’t know how much we study clothes that we don’t design ourselves We’re always looking out for quality fabric, on-trend silhouettes, and brand credibility. So when I’m shopping, it’s never surface-level — I’m always leveraging my expertise to pick out pieces I know I’ll love years from now. It makes sense that my friends and family call on me when they’re shopping for themselves, and with Amazon Prime Day right around the corner, I knew many of my favorite brands would be on sale — which is why I’m compiling the styles actually worth shopping for.

It’s the summer, so if you don’t have a pair of shorts on hand or are looking to refresh your summer wardrobe, my

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