How Boutique Running Brands Are Crossing Into Fashion

The days of running apparel offering little more than utilitarian benefits are behind us. Sure, you only need a pair of sneakers to hit the pavement – running is a proletarian activity at its core – but a crop of indie running brands like Satisfy, District Vision and norda are fueling a new genre of performancewear, one that champions the “look good, perform good” mindset with fashion-forward garments and gear. In tandem with running’s explosion in popularity during the 2020 pandemic and the expansion of running culture in big cities, consumers are seeking activewear that not only delivers peak performance but also reflects their personal style and is adaptable to lifestyle wear. Whereas brands once may have prioritized function with little regard for form, these brands approach that relationship with a careful balance of aesthetic sensibility and performance technology.

Fashion-forward running garments aren’t a novel concept – Nike has been

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