Atelier Jolie: Three things to know about Angelina Jolie’s collaborative fashion brand

NEW YORK, May 21 — Known as an actress, producer, model and activist, Angelina Jolie now intends to shine as an entrepreneur. The American actress has announced the launch of a fashion brand, Atelier Jolie, which stands out for its collaborative, ethical and eco-responsible approach — among other things — not to mention its desire to reconnect with the traditional fashion design process. Here are three things to know about this new label, launching in fall 2023.

Celebrities have been launching new brands in the fashion and beauty sectors for several years. There’s Rihanna’s brand Fenty, focusing on cosmetics and lingerie, Lizzo and her brand of sculpting underwear, Yitty, and Selena Gomez with her Rare Beauty makeup brand. So many labels that have managed to win over consumers, no doubt thanks to their creators’ large fan communities, but also (and especially) thanks to their commitments. Stars are no longer

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