Kashish Jain’s ‘PK Makeup Studio’ Is Now A Top Beauty Edu Channel Online | News

Makeup artist Kashish Jain is about to complete 2 years of her makeup education channel PK Makeup Studio on youtube. Kashish is known not only for her excellent makeup skills but also for her impactful efforts toward educating, uplifting and motivating people through her channel.  

PK Makeup studio has kept achieving milestone time and again. Owing to the intentions, skills and efforts of Kashish Jain PK. With passing time, more and more people are getting inspired and educated by Kashish and her skills. She has pledged to provide free education to many aspiring makeup artists. She ensures to invest the best of her skills, time and efforts into uplifting future geniuses. 

Talking about her channel, Kashish says, ‘All my efforts are rooted into empowering those who are eager to learn and work. I just provide them with the knowledge I have acquired over the period of

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