KVD Beauty Revamped Its Cult-Fave Liquid Lipstick & It’s a Lot More Comfortable

Did you hear? Liquid lipstick is back. For years, we’ve been wearing hydrating lippies, tinted gloss, lip balms and basically anything that isn’t the crusty, dry, liquid lipsticks that were so popular in 2016. It would only make sense for one of the most popular ones to get a 2022 revamp. KVD Beauty Everlasting Hyperlight Vegan Transfer-Resistant Liquid Lipstick is here to replace the OG formula with the dry — but long-lasting — finish and problematic shade names.

Since controversial founder Kat Von D sold her shares of the company in January 2020, and Miryam Lumpini was named its new global director of tattoo artistry, KVD Beauty has revamped some old faves and come out with many new viral products. Good Apple Foundation, anyone? The company is now focusing on “sustainability and diversity” within the community. While that’s great, what about the Kat Von D products folks actually loved?

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