Inflow connects small fashion brands with manufacturers in Vietnam

Textiles and garments contribute 16% of Vietnam’s total GPD, but it’s challenging for small garment brands to take advantage of the country’s manufacturing prowess. Inflow is stepping into the gap, with a platform that gives small brands visibility into manufacturers’ supply chains and the design-to-production cycle. It also helps them meet manufacturers who are willing to produce smaller quantities of garments.

Inflow announced today it has raised $2 million in seed funding. Investors included AppWorks, 500 Global, January Capital, Spiral Ventures and Saison Capital. The company says that over the last year, its revenue has grown by more than 15x, and it’s now used by more than 80 fashion brands across Southeast Asia.

The startup’s production network currently includes more than 150 manufacturers and suppliers. It typically works with brands that have a yearly revenue of $200,000 and above. Small brands get the benefit of Inflow’s platform, showing them

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