SHEIN X Helped This Black Fashion Designer Go Global

SHEIN X Helped This Black Fashion Designer Reach A Global Audience

The SHEIN X incubator program is amplifying Black-owned fashion brands through collaborative collections available on SHEIN.

The SHEIN X incubator program is doing its part in amplifying Black-owned fashion brands through collaborative collections available on SHEIN.

Founded in 2021, the SHEIN X Designer Incubator Program empowers creativity by guiding independent fashion designers and artists through the process that brings their ideas to life – from product development to manufacturing, to marketing and supply chain logistics. Since its launch, nearly 3,000 designers and artists from around the world have been able to leverage SHEIN’s resources to sell their original creations to SHEIN’s global audiences.

In September, SHEIN announced an investment of an additional $50 million into the SHEIN X program over the next five years. This brings the company’s total investment to $105 million through 2028.

On the heels of the announcement, SHEIN welcomed

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More Than Minimal: A Shoppable Timeline of Scandi Influence in Fashion

In this age of personality, digital influence is increasingly being translated into contemporary labels that fill the gap between luxury and fast fashion. In the decade since the first Scandinavian influencer brands born of blogs (Anine Bing in 2011 and Toteme in 2014), fashion has entered a period of minimalist mania, favoring some of these labels. Yet the stereotype of the region’s style as being almost exclusively clean-lined and tonal belies the evolution of Scandi cool. Think about it: Dressed in a colorful print dress, the Ganni Girl started going global in 2012; and Rotate, the label launched by street-style faves Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars, is celebrating five years of glam party looks.

Today the Scandi Girl wields as much sway as the French Girl in terms of fashion pull. Why? The consensus from the women I surveyed for this story—who came to design through blogging,

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Everything That Happened at Stockholm’s Fashion X and Why You Need to Know About It

Tired of waiting for endless talk of change to actually spur action, the Swedish Fashion Council (SFC) drew a line in the proverbial sand and took a stand for change in the industry, establishing Fashion X last year as a way to move away from market-centric shows and focus on designers and other ways of understanding the industry. “If we look into Fashion Week, it’s [about] events connected only to fashion, and what we try to do with Fashion X is also connect fashion to culture,” SFC CEO Jennie Rosén told Vogue Runway.

The second edition of the event, which gathers fashion folk from across the globe in Stockholm, took place last week. In four jam-packed days in Stockholm, guests listened to talks (some in collaboration with Dazed) on diversity, emerging talent support, Gen Z, forestry, and the secondary market. They enjoyed African cuisine and locavore fare

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Look of the Week: Kim Kardashian sparkles with new Swarovski x Skims collaboration

Editor’s Note: Featuring the good, the bad and the ugly, ‘Look of the Week’ is a regular series dedicated to unpacking the most talked about outfit of the last seven days.


Whether you’re going out or just going to bed, Kim Kardashian wants to make sure you can glisten head-to-toe. The reality star-turned-business mogul’s clothing brand Skims revealed this week a new partnership with jewelry brand Swarovski: A line of shimmering crystal bodysuits, dresses and even underwear launching November 7.

“For this collaboration, we really wanted to celebrate individual creativity and bring more glamour into getting dressed every day,” said Kardashian in a press release.

skims-t2-kimwhite4-of-gl-300dpi-rgb-final.jpg?c=original” data-editable=”settings”
Crystal-embellished briefs and triangle bras are amongst the latest offering from Skims.

The launch comes at a time when Kardashian is using her label to experiment. Just this week, Skims has unveiled a controversial molded “nipple-bra” to give wearers the appearance of, well, ever-visible nipples (as its name suggests), and become the

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Midtown fashion designer goes to New York Fashion Week

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — KGUN9 first introduced you to Ian Urquhart, the owner of Ignis Clothing, back in February 2023 for Black History Month. Today, we share our follow up interview with the midtown designer who was making clothes for the runway out of his garage.

From the Old Pueblo to the Big Apple, Urquhart took his Tucson clothing brand to the runway at New York Fashion Week earlier this month. His traveling crew of about 15 people– models, hair stylists, makeup artists and photographers were all from Tucson.

Urquhart was able to walk out on the runway with his models after the show to soak in what he had just accomplished.

“I was just planning on walking out and just saying thank you. Then something happened where I just felt the music and I started dancing down the runway. Oh my gosh, it was honestly a really fun moment

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Diversity and inclusion celebrated in Milan with refrain: Make more space for color, curves

MILAN — More curvy models than ever showed up on Milan runways this season, due mostly to a single show by Brazilian designer Karoline Vitto, while designers of color showcased their work at collateral events meant to promote their visibility in the backrooms of Italian fashion.

Wherever diversity and inclusion were being celebrated during Milan Fashion Week, which ended Sunday, there was one underlying refrain: Make more space.


“We made history! It was incredible,’’ world-renown curvy model Ashley Graham gushed as she embraced London-based Vitto after Sunday’s show.

Plus-size models like Graham, Precious Lee and Paloma Elsesser are often the only curvy models on fashion runways for any given show, but for Vitto’s preview Graham led an entire cast of models ranging in size from UK 10 to UK 24 (US 6 to US 20).

Vogue Business reported in March that just .06%

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Meet The NEXT High-End Brands That Should Be On Your Fashion Radar

This editorial is sponsored by Visa 

If you are a true fashion girl, you know that the only thing that beats luxury is a good one-of-one find. Unique buys and custom-made pieces are the easiest ways to make a fashion statement. Turning heads as a trendsetter becomes an even better feeling when you use that fashion statement to put others on to a new designer or brand.

This year, She’s Next in Fashion, Empowered by Visa – an annual program that provides a cash grant and marketing support to women-owned small businesses– includes a bevy of boutique lines specializing in bespoke luxury, pret-a-porter designer wares and unique pieces for special occasions. Get into it!

The post fashion-radar/” data-ylk=”slk:Meet The NEXT High-End Brands That Should Be On Your Fashion Radar;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “Meet The NEXT High-End Brands That Should Be On Your Fashion Radar appeared first on 21Ninety.

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Richmond Designers That Are Rocking The Fashion Industry

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Hello, Richmonders! I’ve had the privilege to live in Richmond and go to an art school where I’ve befriended so many talented artists. I want to highlight these unique designers who share values and execute their style in innovative ways. These modern creatives highlight sustainability, inclusivity and vulnerability through their brands. These artists are on their way to big things. Let me introduce to you: Danasia, Antoine, Emma Jean and Fitz!

Richmond VA at sunset
Original photo by Miriam Gibson


Danasia is a local Norfolk/Richmond designer who specializes in denim work. Her main focus is circular fashion: “There’s enough clothes on the planet to last us a lifetime and I enjoy creating something new out of what people would consider something old.” Her mention about something “old” being subjective is something our modern generation stresses. Many creatives enjoy

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London Fashion Week Spring 2024: 5 Designers to Watch

One of the best parts about London fashion week, (aside from the fish and chips and perfectly steeped tea, of course) is seeing the fresh and exciting range of emerging talent. London is the place to be if you are a new designer—and when I visit the English city each season, I leave feeling hopeful for fashion’s future. This spring 2024 season is a stacked one, as NEWGEN—a BFC initiative that supports green fashion designers—is celebrating 30 years. Paolo Carzana, Harri, Yuhan Wang, Conner Ives, Feben, Standing Ground, and Chet Lo are just a few NEWGEN brands that have been making waves in the fashion industry. And Holzweiler, Aaron Esh, Eirinn Hayhow, and Mains London by Skepta are all new additions to this season’s calendar that we are eager to see. Below, we’ve rounded up a list of all the brands we’re most looking forward to checking out at

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Design, Engagement And Branding Tips For Companies

Industrial designer and founder of Jackson Hedden, LLC.

In the world of fashion today, the recycling of styles in different colors and materials has left the world hungry for more. Many times, people have to decide whether fast fashion that is more affordable and readily available is the best way to express their individuality while keeping budgetary restrictions in mind. Others who can afford it may dabble in big-name brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton to express their individuality; some may enjoy wearing these brands because they allow them to flex their financial status. Whether you fall into the first category or the second, the goal of expressing your individuality and personal style is still a hard one to achieve. You have all of these brands copying and pasting styles back and forth in an attempt to stay relevant while also pushing the boundaries in the world of

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