Pharrell, Louis Vuitton Accused Of Stealing Indie Fashion Designer’s Concept

Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton have been accused of stealing an indie designer’s concept.

On Tuesday (June 20), Skateboard P unleashed his debut collection with the fashion house in Paris, showing off the new SS24 garments as the brand’s new menswear creative director. However, on Thursday (June 22), indie fashion designer Kellie Ford took to TikTok to voice her opinion on a bag that looked too similar to a design she crafted.

In a series of videos, the woman detailed how, in 2021, she initially took an LV shopping bag, inserted it into plastic, accessorized it with a scarf, and created a DIY handbag.

Ford alleges that Williams and Louis Vuitton lifted her concept to create their latest handbag drop. “Fast forward to 2023, and under Pharrell’s creative direction for Louis Vuitton, they dropped what looks like is the bag. Yeah, it’s crazy,” she said in the footage.


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Troll Japanese clothing company CUGGL goes viral after winning lawsuit against GUCCI

A Japanese troll clothing company went viral on social media after winning its trademark lawsuit against GUCCI over similar CUGGL logo.

GUCCI lost its lawsuit in a Japanese court, after the Italian fashion house tried to block CUGGL for attempting to trademark a “confusing” logo, which it claimed was essentially its trademark.

The Japan Patent Office dismissed the opposition, concluding that there weren’t enough similarities between both logos for GUCCI to make a solid case.

Per Financial Times, the owner of CUGGL is Osaka-based Nobuaki Kurokawa, who sells t-shirts parodying famous brands. He has reimagined the Puma mark into other animal names such as pug, labra(dor) and pome(ranian). These shirts sell on his website at about $12 to $25.

cuggl” class=”text-neutral-grey font-display font-bold mb-5 text-title-2″Social media users react to CUGGL

A Twitter user shared the news that the Japanese troll brand won its lawsuit against the luxurious

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Met Gala 2023: Everything About The Rumoured “Space” Theme

After the divisive 2022 Met Gala, it seems that a disgruntled and self-described “depressed gay intern” has taken it upon themselves to spill the tea about the upcoming 2023 Met Gala.

Taking to real life gossip girl, Deux Moi, the incognito intern revealed that a certain luxury fashion house not only missed the memo but hinted at what next year’s theme will be.

In the iconic words of RuPaul, the category is: space realness.

Time to whip out your Supré galaxy tights or (for the more fashion-forward girlies) the Realisation Par 1996 zodiac slip dress because a certain British magazine editor is about to teleport us to Mars.

“I work at the HQ for one of the designers who misunderstood the MET Gala assignment and we just got scolded!!!!!,” the nameless tea-spilling assailant wrote.

Considering the amount of exclamation marks, we can imagine the fashion house certainly copped the

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