Africa’s fashion industry is growing to meet global demands: UNESCO

ABUJA, Nigeria — Africa’s fashion industry is growing rapidly to meet local and international demand but inadequate investment limits its potential, UNESCO said Thursday in a report released during Lagos Fashion Week.

Currently valued at $15.5 billion worth of exports annually, the earnings from the continent’s fashion industry could triple over a decade with the right investment and infrastructure, according to UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, who launched the organization’s first report on fashion in Africa in Nigeria’s economic hub of Lagos.

With a young population of 1.3 billion people set to double by 2050, the continent’s fashion industry has also proven to be both “a powerful lever for the promotion of cultural diversity (and) also a way to empower young people and women,” said Azoulay.

Across the continent, fashion continues to grow on various fronts – including in movies and films – in the form of textiles, garments as well

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Highlights From Los Angeles Fashion Week 2023

Los Angeles Fashion Week, presented by N4XT Experiences, ran from October 18 to 22, showcasing, more than anything else, up-and-coming talents. When one typically thinks of a Hollywood-based fashion extravaganza, brands like Revolve and Alo come to mind, so do the Kardashians. But instead, we saw futuristic fashion, sportswear-inspired looks, and a dash of the macabre. Some of highlights included silk pieces, quiet luxury beige and sci-fi couture.

It may be hard for young designers to make it in the fashion industry, but it’s even harder for women. In a sea of male fashion designers, LAFW showcased a total of 12 runway shows and presentations. Three and a half of them were female designers—Sami Miro, Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff, Demo, co-designer of the Demobaza brand, and Claude Kameni (sadly,

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Esther Beniflah Waxman On Fashion Brands For Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing, so now, more than ever, is the time to amplify and support Hispanic and Latin-owned fashion brands and creators. Since 1968, the annual celebration started by California Congressman George E. Brown has served—and grown—as a way to recognize the contributions of the Hispanic community.

It’s more than just awards ceremonies, billboards and parades. This is a time to recognize some of the most cutting-edge and talented Latin fashion designers in the fashion industry. That includes sportswear brands, high fashion and brands that honor Hispanic history and craftsmanship.

Esther Beniflah Waxman is a Miami-based Latin talent manager, PR powerhouse and marketing pro who is no stranger to working with Latin fashion brands and creators. She sees this month as holding a profound significance.

“It’s an opportunity to celebrate the rich contributions of Hispanic and Latinx individuals in the United

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Design, Engagement And Branding Tips For Companies

Industrial designer and founder of Jackson Hedden, LLC.

In the world of fashion today, the recycling of styles in different colors and materials has left the world hungry for more. Many times, people have to decide whether fast fashion that is more affordable and readily available is the best way to express their individuality while keeping budgetary restrictions in mind. Others who can afford it may dabble in big-name brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton to express their individuality; some may enjoy wearing these brands because they allow them to flex their financial status. Whether you fall into the first category or the second, the goal of expressing your individuality and personal style is still a hard one to achieve. You have all of these brands copying and pasting styles back and forth in an attempt to stay relevant while also pushing the boundaries in the world of

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The Future of Fashion is Digital: SYKY Unveils 10 Designers Poised to Disrupt the Fashion Industry

Recognized as a distinguished World Economic Forum 2023 Tech Pioneer, SYKY aims to bridge established luxury fashion with digital fashion, forging a path toward inclusive accessibility within the fashion industry.

NEW YORK, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —

What: SYKY, a luxury digital fashion platform, announces the distinguished lineup of 10 global digital fashion designers comprising the inaugural class of The SYKY Collective. The Collective is decentralizing the luxury fashion industry by bringing together talents from various backgrounds and locations who challenge the status quo, fostering inclusivity and paving the way for a more diverse and dynamic future in fashion.

This group will embark on an immersive year-long incubator program meticulously designed to cultivate and propel digital design talent to new heights. Under the guidance of the esteemed SYKY Mentors, The SYKY Collective places significant emphasis on brand building and the scaling of designers, guiding them from emerging brands

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Satoshi Kuwata of Setchu Wins the LVMH Prize, Fashion’s Biggest Young Designer Award

Satoshi Kuwata, the Japanese designer and founder of Setchu, a brand that bridges East and West, craft and transformation, has won the 2023 LVMH Prize for Young Designers, the largest and most prestigious such award in the fashion industry.

He will receive 400,000 euros (about $429,000) and a year of mentoring from an LVMH executive.

The Karl Lagerfeld special jury award was given to Julie Pelipas, the founder of Bettter, a Ukrainian women’s wear brand built on repurposing dead stock, and Luca Magliano of Magliano, an Italian men’s wear brand. Both will receive 200,000 euros and a yearlong mentorship.

The LVMH prize is a bellwether for larger trends within the fashion industry, especially among young designers responding to the political and social concerns of their generation. In the past, gender fluidity was a common theme, as was sustainability.

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How A Global Fashion Brand Loved By The Creative Class Is Building A Profound Family Legacy

Faraz Zaidi built a 7-figure cultural brand in a lucrative industry that started with Nas lyrics on a shirt. Over the next decade, the business grew into a multimillion-dollar global clothing enterprise admired by Gigi Hadid, John Mayer, Rihanna and The Weeknd.

In 2008, Faraz Zaidi, a first-generation Pakistani who immigrated to the U.S. at age 3, decided to print the lyrics to “The World Is Yours,” by his favorite rapper turned investor, Nas, on a blank t-shirt. “What spoke to me about Nas in general at that point in my life was the fact that he was telling stories through a medium that I hadn’t seen anyone tell a story through,” says Zaidi. “I knew I couldn’t make music so I picked the storytelling component through fashion and in many ways, music was the catalyst.” The

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What You Should Consider Before Launching A Fashion Brand

Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of FOXYLAB NEW YORK.

Many designers don’t create newness anymore. We are living in the era of styling, and nowadays, fashion is all about mixing and matching. Therefore, it seems natural that many big fashion designers are digging into the archives of their houses—those lucky enough to head a brand with a long history.

To illustrate, during a recent men’s show of Givenchy, the artistic director, Matthew M. Williams, used the word “archives” repeatedly to describe the looks backstage. Furthermore, brands like Dior, Valentino and Steve Madden have used their extensive archives of fashion pieces to showcase and take inspiration from.

Challenges For Those New To The Fashion Industry

But what do you do if you are a new player in this big and expensive game called fashion—no big funding backup, no archives, no past, no cribs—and are starting from scratch? How

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Robot dogs on runway! Machines outshine models at Paris Fashion Week show. Watch

Robot outshine models at Paris Fashion Week show
Image Source : TWITTER Robot outshine models at Paris Fashion Week show

Trending News: The fashion industry has always been known for its innovative and unique shows, but the recent Coperni fashion show in Paris took things to a whole new level. The fashion brand incorporated robots into their show, showcasing Boston Dynamics’ robotic canines alongside human models, which stole the limelight from the latter.

Coperni posted images of the show on their official Instagram page, describing it as a “modern fable about the relationship between humans and technology.” The brand’s vision was to showcase that there is no dominant or dominated relationship between mankind and machine, and that they can coexist in harmony. The robot dogs were also captured alongside models in one of the posts.

The show was met with a mixed response on social media. Some users expressed their excitement, while others expressed concerns about the

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Premium Fashion ReCommerce Brand RESPONSIBLE Partners With Sorted To Streamline Overseas Returns

RESPONSIBLE, the global reCommerce circularity platform, has selected Delivery Experience Platform Sorted to revolutionise its flexible overseas returns, solving new challenges brought on by Brexit and rising customer expectations.

RESPONSIBLE partners with premium fashion, streetwear and outdoor brands, such as RÆBURN and Haglöfs to help them take accountability for their products in a sustainable way. RESPONSIBLE refurbishes and resells brand products, as well as Buying Back unwanted clothes from customers to refurbish and resell. 

With Brexit rewriting the rules of logistics, the Belfast-based RESPONSIBLE was confronted with the challenge of conducting returns from Northern Ireland to Great Britain without any roadblocks. With its Delivery Experience Platform, Sorted was not only able to close this gap, but simplify the returns process, cutting out complex and manual processes and automating the sending of return labels.

With RESPONSIBLE shipping unique and non-replaceable products, the company needed a flexible returns solution that could track

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