The A to Z Guide to Black Designers on SSENSE

The A to Z Guide to Black Designers on SSENSE

Black designers are the past, present, and future, often unseen in the credit they rightfully deserve. We’re here to give credit where it’s due, highlighting an array of Black designers deserving recognition for their contributions to the fashion industry. Many of these designers know the difficulty of wearing multiple Hats—carrying a heavy load of responsibilities on their backs. These creative forces, from all over the world, embody the essence of hard work paying off, transitioning from the classrooms to the runways, and rising to the top of the fashion industry. 

From emerging to established brands, these are names you should know. In honor of Black History Month and the spirit of Black innovation, we’re spotlighting every brand that’s Black-owned or helmed by a Black designer available on SSENSE. These designers are the cultural architects of our generation, spanning minimal aesthetics, luxury streetwear, avant-garde designs, and trendsetting creations. Tap

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3 local fashion designers talk about SHEIN’s program allowing them to build their own brands – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

The fashion industry is ever-changing, and the latest styles cost an arm and a leg. What better way to keep up than designing your own threads?

That’s what the fashion site SHEIN is aiming for through its program called SHEIN X. Deco sat down with some local designers to hear all about it.

For the global retail company SHEIN, “empowering creativity” is not just a slogan. It’s a lifestyle.

The fashion site is helping local designers reach their full potential, thanks to its SHEIN X program.

Emily Workman: “We launched the SHEIN X designer incubator program back in 2021, really as a way to empower independent designers to build their own brands and to remove some of the barriers that are typically associated with the fashion industry.”

And these Miami creators are taking full advantage.

Bojana Brown: “I heard about the program last year, so I decided to apply, and

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Milan Fashion Week showcases emerging Black designers, launches initiative to fight discrimination

MILAN — Milan Fashion Week highlighted diversity and in a new initiative that aims to promote inclusion across the industry and the return of a showcase for underrepresented designers as five days of mostly womenswear previews for Fall-Winter 2024-25 got underway on Wednesday.

An agreement signed Tuesday by the Italian fashion council, a governmental anti-discrimination office, and a nonprofit promoting African fashion seeks to “trace, identify and fight” discriminatory practices. The initiative will start with a broad survey to create a snapshot of the representation of women, people of color and other underrepresented groups across the industry, from fashion houses to suppliers.

The president of the Italian National Fashion Chamber, Carlo Capasa, told The Associated Press that he hopes to have results in a year.

Capasa said he was approached by Premier Giorgia Meloni ’s anti-discrimination office for the initiative “to understand what can be done better,” tapping the

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Winners and losers in Black communities

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, the interplay between designer brands and black communities stands at the crossroads of celebration and critique. Navigating the intricacies of this relationship is imperative, offering insights into the triumphs and tribulations experienced within Black communities in the realm of designer fashion. This article endeavors to unravel the multifaceted narrative, shedding light on the dichotomy of winners and losers amid the complex tapestry that intertwines high-end fashion with diverse communities.

From inspirational success stories that empower to the persistent challenges that demand acknowledgment, this exploration delves into the profound impact designer fashion wields on Black communities. By scrutinizing the dynamics at play, we aim to decipher how the fashion landscape shapes — and is shaped by —  the experiences of individuals within these communities.

The rise of Black fashion icons

At the forefront of this narrative are the black fashion icons who have not only

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24 Designers on How 2024 Will Shape the Future of Fashion

With each passing year, the fashion industry shape-shifts to mimic the zeitgeist. In 2020, fortunate designers across the globe transformed their ateliers into production centers for masks and medical supplies, in response to the onset of the COVID pandemic. The following year, Y2K had its glorious revival, as consumers found comfort in the past while practicing social distancing in the turbulent modern-day. 2022 saw the rise of the “-core,” or the widely-popular suffix that allowed TikTok users to turn practically any noun into a niche fashion trend; and thanks to its oversaturation, 2023 was predominantly about paring back, in the wake of quiet luxury.

Now, as 2024 is only days away, fashion’s next chapter is just beginning to write itself, and the industry’s surroundings are uncertain. To say the least, the world’s cultural and sociopolitical climates are tumultuous, and the calls for more sustainable industry practices are louder than ever.

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Gelareh Designs’ Sustainable Vision Takes Center Stage at COP28 Fashion Summit

Gelareh Design presents Sustainable Fashion at COP28 Fashion Summit

Image Credit: Manny Llanura

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), recently concluded in Dubai, marked a transformative chapter in global climate action, with a notable focus on the fashion industry’s role in sustainability. The event brought together world leaders, environmental experts, and industry innovators to address the pressing challenges of climate change and to explore sustainable solutions across various sectors.

At the forefront of these discussions was the Sustainable Fashion Summit, a significant segment of COP28, dedicated to exploring how the fashion industry can contribute to environmental conservation. The summit delved into the importance of using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste in fashion production, and adopting energy-efficient practices. These topics highlighted the urgent need for the fashion industry to shift towards more sustainable and responsible practices.

Amidst the array of sustainable initiatives, Gelareh

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The Future Of E-Commerce Fashion Is Next Gen Brand Incubation

In an era where fashion transcends mere aesthetics and becomes a statement of identity and purpose, the industry stands on the brink of a transformative era. The global fashion market, which was valued at approximately $1.5 trillion in 2020, is poised to grow by 5-6% annually through 2025, according to a report by The Business Research Company. This growth is not just in figures but in the essence of what fashion represents, a blend of art, expression, and cultural narrative. Emerging amidst this transformative wave are brands that not only challenge the conventional but redefine the narrative of fashion and push the boundaries of e-commerce.

In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed a surge in innovative brands that focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and unique design philosophies. These brands are not just selling clothes or

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Africa’s fashion industry is growing to meet global demands: UNESCO

ABUJA, Nigeria — Africa’s fashion industry is growing rapidly to meet local and international demand but inadequate investment limits its potential, UNESCO said Thursday in a report released during Lagos Fashion Week.

Currently valued at $15.5 billion worth of exports annually, the earnings from the continent’s fashion industry could triple over a decade with the right investment and infrastructure, according to UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, who launched the organization’s first report on fashion in Africa in Nigeria’s economic hub of Lagos.

With a young population of 1.3 billion people set to double by 2050, the continent’s fashion industry has also proven to be both “a powerful lever for the promotion of cultural diversity (and) also a way to empower young people and women,” said Azoulay.

Across the continent, fashion continues to grow on various fronts – including in movies and films – in the form of textiles, garments as well

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Highlights From Los Angeles Fashion Week 2023

Los Angeles Fashion Week, presented by N4XT Experiences, ran from October 18 to 22, showcasing, more than anything else, up-and-coming talents. When one typically thinks of a Hollywood-based fashion extravaganza, brands like Revolve and Alo come to mind, so do the Kardashians. But instead, we saw futuristic fashion, sportswear-inspired looks, and a dash of the macabre. Some of highlights included silk pieces, quiet luxury beige and sci-fi couture.

It may be hard for young designers to make it in the fashion industry, but it’s even harder for women. In a sea of male fashion designers, LAFW showcased a total of 12 runway shows and presentations. Three and a half of them were female designers—Sami Miro, Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff, Demo, co-designer of the Demobaza brand, and Claude Kameni (sadly,

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Esther Beniflah Waxman On Fashion Brands For Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing, so now, more than ever, is the time to amplify and support Hispanic and Latin-owned fashion brands and creators. Since 1968, the annual celebration started by California Congressman George E. Brown has served—and grown—as a way to recognize the contributions of the Hispanic community.

It’s more than just awards ceremonies, billboards and parades. This is a time to recognize some of the most cutting-edge and talented Latin fashion designers in the fashion industry. That includes sportswear brands, high fashion and brands that honor Hispanic history and craftsmanship.

Esther Beniflah Waxman is a Miami-based Latin talent manager, PR powerhouse and marketing pro who is no stranger to working with Latin fashion brands and creators. She sees this month as holding a profound significance.

“It’s an opportunity to celebrate the rich contributions of Hispanic and Latinx individuals in the United

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