Premium Fashion ReCommerce Brand RESPONSIBLE Partners With Sorted To Streamline Overseas Returns

RESPONSIBLE, the global reCommerce circularity platform, has selected Delivery Experience Platform Sorted to revolutionise its flexible overseas returns, solving new challenges brought on by Brexit and rising customer expectations.

RESPONSIBLE partners with premium fashion, streetwear and outdoor brands, such as RÆBURN and Haglöfs to help them take accountability for their products in a sustainable way. RESPONSIBLE refurbishes and resells brand products, as well as Buying Back unwanted clothes from customers to refurbish and resell. 

With Brexit rewriting the rules of logistics, the Belfast-based RESPONSIBLE was confronted with the challenge of conducting returns from Northern Ireland to Great Britain without any roadblocks. With its Delivery Experience Platform, Sorted was not only able to close this gap, but simplify the returns process, cutting out complex and manual processes and automating the sending of return labels.

With RESPONSIBLE shipping unique and non-replaceable products, the company needed a flexible returns solution that could track

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