Gun violence survivor hosts ‘inspire’ brand pop-up shop at Flint Farmers’ Market

FLINT, MI – Eric Patrick Thomas, a gun violence survivor, successfully hosted a pop-up shop at the Flint Farmers’ Market this week.

The entrepreneur and advocate for people with disabilities sold his merchandise “inspire” brand at Friends of the Market.

Local vendors Crust Bakery and Brooks Tea partnered with Thomas, offering a special promotion during the event.

Thomas said when he first entered the market, he was greeted by customers and vendors.

“Brooks Tea and Crust Bakery put up balloons and it felt like a surprise party,” Thomas told MLive-The Flint Journal. “They were clapping and had a welcoming committee. It was not planned.”

The local vendors and customers could be seen wearing the inspire T-shirts walking around the market. It was the second pop-up event Thomas held this summer.

On Sept. 20, 1997, Thomas was hosting a party for his debut album release of his hip-hop group, Mizcellaneous, and

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