Australian Fashion Brand Lost Woods: Proving Luxury Vegan Handbags can be Plastic-Free

A model carries a Lost Woods handbag

In an era of increasing awareness and concern for animal welfare and environmental sustainability, vegan fashion brands have been at the forefront of a profound shift in the industry. Gone are the days where one must sacrifice style for their values – the modern fashion landscape offers an array of animal-free accessory options that are as chic as they are compassionate, proving that compassion never goes out of fashion.

Holly Edwards, the Australian visionary behind Lost Woods, is making waves in the fashion industry with her luxury handbag label that embraces compassion and sustainability. Crafted with exquisite precision in Portugal, Lost Woods handbags are redefining the concept of chic accessories by utilizing premium plastic-free vegan leather.

Driven by her desire to end animal exploitation and reduce the environmental impact of fashion, Holly explains, “Art and design are great fun, but aesthetics

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