The Drive Canteen in Vancouver is taking the convenience store concept to new heights

A tray of braised beef nachos with cilantro cream, and Chicago and Medellin hot dogs at The Drive Canteen, in Vancouver on Aug. 4.JENNIFER GAUTHIER/The Globe and Mail

The Fried Chicken Crois-Sando, a collaboration between Vancouver’s Beaucoup Bakery and DL Chicken Shack, was an over-the-top taste sensation of epic proportions.

Featuring a fat, crunchy chicken thigh sandwiched between a flaky croissant that had DL’s medium spice folded directly into the butter, the cross-genre mashup was laminated with bright-red stripes, smeared with creamy sauce, popped with sweet-and-sour pickles and chin-dripping delicious. For those who dared, there was also an ungodly sweet-n-spicy version, filled with schmaltz-infused pastry cream instead of chicken, coated in grim-reaper sugar dust.

Much like a limited-edition sneaker drop, they were only available for one day last month (July 6) at three pop-up locations and sold out within an hour.

Yes, it stinks that I’m just telling you

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