This fashion brand creates clothing that is designed with intention and sustainability.

Designer Sara Lopez is fighting against fast fashion by creating sustainable, well-structured garments that are made to last. Sara founded her fashion brand A–Company (@a____company) with the goal of designing the kinds of clothes she wanted to wear, and wasn’t seeing in the fashion world. She creates pieces that take inspiration from garment deconstruction as well as the queer community.

Sara was drawn to art from a young age, and quickly became interested in fashion as a mode of self-expression. “I was taking pictures a lot as a kid, and drawing, and I realized that clothing could be another form of expression,” she recalls. “There was a seamstress down the street from me, and I would take fabrics over to her and have these weird dresses made.”

Sara went on to study design in college, and when she creates garments for A–Company she takes an almost academic

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