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Life as a shaper has taken Angela Moser all over the world. It’s an artist’s work: The bulldozer is the brush.

“A shaper is a heavy-equipment operator with a passion for and an understanding of golf and golf-course architecture and its history,” Moser says. “A shaper doesn’t just work off architectural plans but develops ideas and tries to integrate the golf course into nature. It shouldn’t be the other way around. Nature shouldn’t be too adapted for the course. We’re minimalists. We’re trying to not change the world.”

Moser, who lives mostly nomadically, loves her work—starting with an idea and playing with it, trusting her instincts, sculpting the dirt and feeling the ground until it’s ready to be enshrouded in greenery.

“It’s a process,” she says. “You work on it and jump out of your machine to look at it. You walk from different directions and check the look and

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