Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, Heir of Britain’s Other Royal Family, Has Instagram Eating Out of His Hand

The first thing you see when you get off the commuter train in Mount Kisco, N.Y., is the Union Jack. Facing the station is a shop bedecked with several versions of the British flag, selling Cadbury chocolate and “Abbey Road” puzzles.

But that’s not the only thing British in this upstate hamlet. A leafy and serene 10-minute drive from this outpost of Britannia brings one to the estate of the Peltz family, where their newest member, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, is making fish and chips for lunch.

“Some Americans find English food kind of gross, which I don’t understand,” says Peltz Beckham, standing in the kitchen of a cottage on the spacious property. He pours a decent splash of IPA into the batter in which he’ll be coating cod fillets, and sneaks a sip himself. “But I cook fish and chips and pie and mash for my American friends, and

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