Laurence Carr Launches Eco Design Brand

MILAN — Laurence Carr’s sustainable epiphany occurred in 2014, while working with a top leading interior architecture and design firm in New York City. At a time when the fashion industry was largely viewed as the culprit of the ongoing environmental crisis, Carr realized her own peers were ignoring their industry’s contribution. Conversations about an ecological approach to designing interiors were nonexistent between her colleagues, manufacturing reps, architects and designers, she reminisced.

“As a global citizen who has lived on four continents, as a designer, and as a mother of three children, I wanted a career that had a more meaningful legacy than simply beautifully designed spaces and products. I wanted to be part of solving the problems these industries were creating and foster a positive impact that would live on much longer than my own efforts,” said French-born Carr, who is the founder and chief executive officer of her

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