Haute Tequila Brand 21 Seeds Is The Fashion Scene’s Drink Of Choice

Fashion and booze have always intertwined. Just look at how Grand Marnier has partnered with New York Fashion Week or when Absolut Vodka staged a sustainable runway at London Fashion Week.

It makes sense, as the cocktail hour has practically become its own runway show. Buzzy fashion designers have the power to sway the fashion crowd to one booze brand or another—especially when complimentary drinks are at play during their cocktail soirées.

In fact, fashion designer Vera Wang has her own line of vodka with Chopin, and beachwear brand Tommy Bahama has its own line of spirits, too. And now, one haute tequila brand 21 Seeds is popping up all over the fashion scene—whether it’s store openings, VIP parties, or fashion week events hosted by designers like Kidsuper, Dion Lee, Rebecca Vallance and most recently at the

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