Advisory Board Crystals Has the Universe on Its Side

Southern California-based fashion label Advisory Board Crystals has the universe on its side. The brand’s co-founders, Remington Guest and Heather Haber, double as designers and lovers — and, of all places, their origin story begins in a rather awkward Uber Pool ride in 2015.

Guest, who was visiting Los Angeles at the time, hopped in the backseat of the car alongside his friend to find Haber, who, in typical Pool fashion, wanted nothing to do with the strangers cooped up next to her. “We’re both antisocial, so she was on her side of the car looking out the window — like, not towards me — and I didn’t wanna see who else was in the car either,” Guest told Hypebeast. “I only took the Pool because it was four dollars,” Haber added.

In their six-minute-and-49-second ride, however, they discovered that they had both worked for Scott Sternberg’s cult brand, Band

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